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DramaQueen 1.7.5 – 1.7.8 – Update-Report

This update contains improvements and fixes bugs:


  • With our christmas release, we give all users three testing
    days for working with all features of the PRO version
    . This
    means that any DramaQueen version which has not been licensed as
    PLUS or PRO version, has at least three testing days available.
    PLUS users who also want to work 3 days with the
    full version, can click the DQ logo in the upper right and activate
    “Change license key” to temporarily remove their license key and
    copy it back into the text field after the 3 days have past.
  • On Macs with Retina display the text rendering
    is no longer scaled up, but instead as crisp as the
    rest of the texts in the user interface.
  • While the performance of text rendering was
    already on a good level, we have improved it quite
    for Retina support (up to 10x speed up). This is
    for the benefit of users with “normal” resolution displays as well.
  • In the description texts of the ideas, characters, locations and
    storylines, links are recognized, i.e. character
    sequences that start with “http://”, “https://” or “www.”. Links can
    be clicked and open in the default browser.
  • In the Dramatic chart the curve of a
    will now show gaps by default, where
    scenes are not part of the storyline. To show the lines without gaps,
    the checkmark “Gaps in curves” (below the chart) can be unchecked.
  • At each mouse position in the Dramatic chart,
    the respective element (step or scene) and its outline is shown as
    a tool-tip.
  • The Dramatic chart will now highlight the element
    which is selected in the Outline or Texts panel. The
    selection can be navigated with the cursor
    . When the Outline or Texts panel are open, the selection
    will be affected there accordingly.
  • The link between concurrently open synopsis, treatment and
    has been somewhat relaxed:
    1) When a treatment and script is showing, and a new scene is created,
    the treatment will no longer switch to showing the script.
    2) When the treatment and script are showing, and the script shows
    a scene which spans more than a page, the scroll position will not
    move in the script when the treatment is switched to the synopsis.
  • When a text range is removed in the treatment or
    script, such that the remaining part of a scene is
    with the scene before the removed range, the text of
    the last removed scene will also be merged with the preceding element
    in the higher text levels.
  • The status line in the Texts panel shows the
    position of a step or scene within the current text in
    addition to its number, in case it is different.
  • When outlines in the Outline panel don’t fit the available width,
    the outlines fade out instead of being cut off.
  • The default export format for scripts via
    “Export texts -> script”
    is now also “.rtf” as for the
    other text types.


  • All graphic glitches of the text rendering known
    to us have been fixed: At the page top and bottom,
    depending on the zoom factor, letters could be cut off and with some
    fonts also within the text. There was also sometimes a stray pixel line
    after scrolling where paragraphs have been split between two pages.
  • The action Insert new scene has not inserted a new
    scene, but instead another subdivision when the current element was a
    sub-divided scene. “Insert new scene” will now always insert a normal
    scene regardless.
  • On Windows, DramaQueen files will now have the
    correct document icon again.
  • The individual labels of the turning points in the
    tool-tips of the ‘Dramatic chart’ analysis graphic
    sometimes been shown for the wrong turning points.
  • In certain situations, a dragged text range
    could be inserted one letter two early
  • When dragging a text range which contained the
    last paragraph of a step or scene, a new empty step or scene had been
    inserted after the moved text.
  • The option Spacing between scenes in the gear
    menu of the treatment now controls again the spacing before scenes
    that start in a new step. The Layout settings for the treatment and
    script allow to configure the spacing before such scenes to be different
    than other scenes. The option in the gear menu however, as a quick
    access setting, was supposed to control both spacings at once.
  • A crash in the context of using the formatting or character
    popup has been fixed.
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