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DramaQueen 1.7 – Update-Report

This update contains numerous new features and improvements
as well as bug fixes:


Many layout and formatting options for the synopsis, treatment,
and script – starting with DramaQueen FREE:

  • Font style options: Inclusion of system fonts, font size,
    alignment, line spacing, and glyph spacing
  • Formatting options for the individual text elements of the script
    (scene headings, dialogues, parentheticals, scene transitions,
  • Indents and spacings, Page break and paragraph flow
  • Paper size, Paper margins, Page number position
  • Page header and footers (separately configurable for odd and even
  • Inserting of the current date into the page header or footer
  • Spacing between steps and scenes
  • Free font layout of the title page
  • Automatic arrangement of scene headings (international and German
  • Selection of different layout templates

The layout template ‘General’ allows to layout several texts at once in
one place. These general settings are also available when exporting or
printing other texts of a DramaQueen document.

The layout settings are available from the new main menu ‘Layout’ or
via the gear menu of the synopsis, treatment, and script.

Different numbering options – starting with DramaQueen FREE:

  • Locking and unlocking of all numbers (from the gear menu and the
    Layout menu -> Extra)
  • Locking and unlocking of individual steps and scene numbers (from the
    context menu)
  • Setting individual numbers (from the context menu)
  • Starting with a particular step or scene number (from the Layout menu -> Extra)
  • Placement of the numbers (from the Layout menu -> Extra)


  • DramaQueen now works under 64 bit Linux.
    The 64 bit version is available immediately from the download site.
  • Clicking the panel button of a visibly open panel closes the panel.
  • The formatting pop-up invoked by double ENTER no longer blocks typing.
  • Improvements when detecting the time of day in the Smart-Import.
  • Preconfiguring the document language to English or German after
  • The new icons for text color and background color are provided with
    color bars. Each bar shows the selected color which the text will adopt
    by clicking the icon.
  • The performance of the Texts panel has been improved even more.
    This is noticeable especially when working with verly long documents and
    when the spelling and style aid is activated.
  • The storytelling guidane of sub-storylines are extended for the
    Need option and the Ending option.
  • The hover tips for the turning points in the analysis graphic ‘Dramatic
    chart’ also show the scenes in which these turning points take palce.
  • The script text element “Normal text” has been renamed to “General/Action”.
  • The suggested file name when exporting a text includes the
    specific text, i.e. “Hansel_Gretel_Treatment”.
  • It is now possible to insert line-breaks also into paragraphs of the
    type ‘Speaking character’, ‘Parenthetical’ and ‘Scene transition’.
  • The formatting popup no longer appears when the cursor is
    positioned at the beginning of a paragraph with text after ENTER.
  • When pressing BACKSPACE or DELETE within a paragraph and reaching
    the beginning or end of the paragraph by holding the key down, the
    action will now block if the previous or next paragraph have a different
    type. This means one can delete text with BACKSPACE and DELETE without
    risking to accidentally merge the text of different types of
  • The ‘Statistics’ panel is also available in the ‘Development’
    working context. In the main menu ‘View’ or via the plus panel-button
    it can be added to the panel button bar.
  • The status bar of the ‘Dramatic chart’ panel (working context
    ‘Analysis’) contains a link “Tips to interpreting the chart”.
    It points to the blog entry “What the dramatic charts reveal about your
    story – a check list”

  • The ‘Dramatic chart’ panel has a white background.
  • If a new automatic software update could not be offered at program
    start, due to a failed server connection, it will be retried 30 seconds
  • Loading document files which have been created by newer DramaQueen
    versions will no longer fail from this version on. Instead, there will
    be a warning that a part of the information may not display correctly
    and will be lost when saving the document again.
  • DramaQueen documents are advertized to the system no longer as
    text but as binary files. This should fix remaining problems with
    sending documents in emails, where the mail client changed the file
    encoding when embedding the document as attachment.
  • When opening a document which was not created on that computer
    (i.e. received via mail or transfered by thumbdrive) DramaQueen will
    show the Outline and Texts panel, instead of showing an empty panel
  • When editing text such that it leads to deleting steps/scenes, there is
    no longer a popup asking what to do with affected elements of another
    text level, when those elements have never been edited and are still
  • Since the alignment and indent of text elements are configured via
    the layout settings since 1.7.0, the now unneeded icons have been
    removed from the toolbar of the Texts panel.
  • From now on, there will be a public BETA phase before major new
    DramaQueen releases. At program start, there will be a notice about
    the availablility of a new BETA, this noticed can be easily supressed
    for the future. In the Help main menu, it can be re-activated later.
    Interested users can then download the BETA version from a separate
    pownload page. See also our blog-post on the open BETA program.


  • When the system language was neither English nor German DramaQueen
    crashed when clicking a certain option.
  • It is again possible to move selected text by drag & drop.
    The older problem that dropping text onto certain lines would not
    work depending on the zoom level has also been fixed.
  • Incompatibilities with the new dedicated full screen mode
    of OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and up have been corrected.
  • At certain zoom levels in the Texts panel, it could happen that the
    scaled text did not layout exactly like the 100% level, which lead to
    graphic bugs and wrong positioning of the text caret.
  • PDF export and printing of the synopsis and treatemnt could be
    slightly different from the on screen presentation.
  • Tags which had been attached to scenes in the treatment did not
    display correctly in the Outline panel.
  • In text fields of the Ideas, Storylines, Characters, and Locations
    panel, the text caret could get stuck when navigating down from the
    beginning of a line.
  • Additionally, the text caret was not placed after inserted text
    in these panels.
  • When replacing selected text by inserting from the clipboard,
    the text caret was not placed after the inserted text in the Texts
  • When the text caret was positioned on the title page, inserting
    a new step or scene had created an additional unwanted element.
  • When certain Unicode symbols, such as emoticons, had been copied
    into a DramaQueen document, it could happen that DramaQueen could no
    longer open the saved file later on.
  • The character detection could not recognize characters when a
    paragraph consisted of just the character name.
  • When inserting steps from another document its scenes were not
    visible anymore after saving and loading the document later, if their
    storyline-assignment had not been explicitly changed.
  • After dragging steps between storylines or into the story, the
    storyline-assignment of their scenes to the target storyline was
    lost after saving and reopening the document.
  • When learning words for the spell checker, the text caret no longer
    jumps to a different place in the text.
  • On Windows, an installation folder containing umlauts did not work.
  • When the automatic software update looses the internet connection,
    the download window closes. When it re-opens after the connection is
    re-established, it could block an unrelated popup that may have
    been showing in DramaQueen.
  • In the formatting popup in the script, the ‘+ Scene’ options
    could sometimes appear first, but this is only intended after
    scene transition paragraphs.
  • When using the drop-downs for character, location or font selection,
    there could be a crash when the drop-down needed
    to display a scroll-bar.
  • When selecting a step/scene, in a rare case there could be
    a crash when the name of the ‘active element’ was adopted in the
    global tool bar.
  • When a ‘Open file’ panel was open, a main window could not be
    brought to front from the Windows task bar.
  • A rare crash when opening the formatting popup has been fixed.
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