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DramaQueen 1.6 – Update-Report

This update contains four new features as well as multiple
improvements and bug-fixes:


  • New global replace features: It’s possible to
    replace all occurences in the document. Furthermore there are specific
    options to replace character names and locations. The search area of
    the Texts panel has been extended for replacing.
  • It is now possible to display scene headings in the
    (see the gear menu of the treatment). This makes
    it possible to create scriptments.
  • The synopsis and treatment may now be formatted as
    standard pages. This layout fits exactly 30 lines with
    60 characters on a page.
  • The new words counter gives detailed text statistics for the
    synopsis, treatment and script (via main menu ‘file’ or the menu in the
    Texts panel).


  • Strong performance improvements for editing and
    navigating long texts.
  • DramaQueen documents are now stored compressed. This not only saves
    a lot of space, but also avoids problems sending documents via
    , in case the email software used an incompatible text
  • The text levels no longer share the same title page, it may have
    different content per level now. If text is to be transferred when
    activating a text level, the title page will be transferred along. When
    displaying the title page in a text level for the first time, there will
    be an offer to copy it from another layer.
  • In the Characters panel, there is now a field for
    alias names of a character. When replacing a character
    name, all alias names can be replaced in the same action.
    Additionally, the automatic character detection
    recognizes characters also by their aliases.
  • In the gear menu of the treatment and synospis, the empty lines
    between steps and/or scenes can be deactivated. These options allow for
    a more dense text, especially in combination with the new standard
    page layout.
  • The Storytelling guidance now includes a section for the
    “New Want” with a text field to describe the new
  • Note icon has been changed into a drop-down. This makes it
    possible to offer the option Open note editor at a more
    accessible location in the drop-down menu.
  • New free fonts are included with DramaQueen, available
    in the document settings. All included monospace fonts have the same
    font metrics, and can be used for the script and the new standard page,
    without violating the international standards.
  • The formatting options strike-out and underline have been reworked.
    The previously selected color will be remembered.
  • Improvement of the Smart-Imports of scripts
    that have no scene numbering
  • The analysis graphic ‘Dramatic Chart’ now shows
    the descriptions entered for turning points and the outlines
    of steps and scenes when hovering these elements with the mouse.
  • The text statistics now show the number of steps
    and scenes.
  • The storytelling guidance for sub-storylines now
    shows the options for the characters need and the different options for
    the ending.
  • When dragging a step in the Outline panel, the
    preview now shows the scenes contained in the step, to make it clear
    that these will be moved along with the step.


  • Error in the character name smart type: It didn’t work anymore for
    typing small letters as intended
  • In the PDF export, the text layout could be slightly different
    from the page view in certain circumstances.
  • Activation problem caused by an incomplete or malformed server
    response caused an error dialog. The error was not intended to be
    visible when there was already a previous successful activation.
  • Line breaks in the text fields of characters and locations are
    stored correctly once again.
  • A number of crashes during text editing have been fixed.
  • DramaQueen crashed when clicking on structure elements and
    turning points in the Outline.
  • DramaQueen crashed when opening the text statistics with an
    empty text level.
  • When creating a new character, idea, storyline or location and after
    overwriting the name in the list, directly adding another element by
    clicking the Plus-button the changed name for the first element was not
  • Fixes a crash, when trying to create the first element
    (storyline, idea, character or location) in the respective panel
    in a fresh document (affected only version 1.6.2).
  • Creating additional elements (storylines, ideas and locations)
    no longer shows the irritating warning that empty names are not
  • Crashes from error-reports have been fixed.
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