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DramaQueen 1.5 – Update-Report

This update contains a new feature as well as multiple
improvements and fixes bugs:

  • It is now possible to name the structural and narrative elements
    of a story individually:
    The Storytelling panel contains fields to shortly describe the theme,
    the central question, need and want of the main character of the
    storyline, as well as the turning-points. If a structure model has been
    defined, the structure elements (acts, sequences, stages) may also
    be given a short phrase. The Storylines panel also shows the new fields
    in the section ‘Dramatic arc’.
    The Outline panel will show these names behind the standard names
    to improve orientation. In the analysis panel Dramatic Arcs, the names
    will be shown as roll-over when hovering structure elements in the
    chart’s legend.
  • Two small but important changes for the paragraph style popup after
    ENTER which optimize the typing flow:
    The synopsis and treatment will now also give ‘Normal text’ as the
    default choice. When entering empty lines, it is no longer necessary
    to watch out against creating unwanted new steps or scenes.
    The script now offers ‘Speaking character’ as the first choice when
    pressing ENTER after ‘Dialog’. This makes it possible to write dialog
    very quickly by just pressing ENTER to switch to the next character.
    Especially when writing dialog between two characters, jumping forth
    and back between these two is now very easy, since the SmartType-
    feature autmatically offers the previous character.
  • When cycling paragraph styles and passing through
    ‘Speaking character’ or ‘Scene transition’, the text will no longer
    be permanently converted to ALL-CAPS.
  • The search field in the Characters, Storylines, Locations
    and Ideas no longer worked.
  • When pasting text into the synopsis, treatment or script, the
    caret was not moved after the pasted region. For longer selections,
    the view port could also jump irritatingly.
  • Manual storyline assignment (or correction) did not work
    correctly for scenes anymore, when the Texts panel was last switched
    from the synopsis to the treatment. The colored circles did not
    reflect the checkmarks and the visibility of scenes in the storyline
    was not correctly controlled.
  • Selecting paragraphs across multiple steps or scenes and
    switching the paragraph style for them (justified, normal text, etc.)
    lead to a crash.
  • The buttons “Show/edit this section” within the Storytelling panel
    did not work correctly. Now they refer to the right storyline and
    create or select steps at the correct location within the turning-points
    and structure model.
  • Trying to apply a spell-check suggestion in scene headings lead
    to a crash.
  • Downloaded and extracted updates will now be deleted from the
    temporary directory, as soon as DramaQueen has updated itself
    successfully. The required disk space is therefore made available again
    without the user having to do anything.
  • On Mac OS X 10.5.8 it was not possible to activate a DramaQueen
  • In Linux embedded videos in the Help panel and on the start panel
    are deactivated for the time being, since they crashed DramaQueen
    randomly due to errors in the underlying system libraries.
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