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DramaQueen 1.4 – Update-Report

This update contains several new features and improvements and
fixes bugs:

  • Spelling, grammar and style checking is available
    for English and German. When installing this update, the desired
    language plug-ins need to be checked. The gear-menu of the Texts
    panel contains a new sub-menu Spelling and style aid
    with further options. For example, spell-checking dialogs can be
    disabled entirely. Clicking a highlighted word with the secondary
    mouse button opens a context menu with more options (lern spelling,
  • Smart-type function: When typing the names of
    speaking characters in the script, there is now an auto-completion
    When no letter
    has been typed yet, all characters are offered, while the second most
    recently speaking character is the first choice if applicable.
    Entering a character
    name switches directly to the dialog paragraph type now. (Parenthetical
    is reached either by TAB or another ENTER. When the paragraph-style
    popup opens, the keyboard focus now remains in the Texts panel.)
  • The language in which the document is written can
    now be configured in the new Document settings (in the
    File menu). This setting affects the scene headings, generating the
    title page and the spell checking.
  • The same window also allows to pick from a limited
    number of included type-faces.
  • It is now possible to make each step or scene start on a new
    from the gear menu of the Texts panel.
  • All open documents are automatically and continually saved
    in separate backups
    . Should DramaQueen not have been closed
    normally in any way, these backups will be offered for opening on the
    next start.
  • There are now more options for the time of day in the scene headings
    of a script: MORNING, NOON, AFTERNOON and EVENING. That makes it
    possible to use these settings in order to define the chronological
    order of the scenes in more detail.
  • The term plotline has been exchanged for
    , since the latter carries more general meaning:
    Besides the classical strands of a story (A-, B-, and C-plotline) it is
    possible to develop each character relation as a separate storyline in
  • The full-screen mode of the Texts panel has a dark, more comfortable
    background now.
  • It is also possible to configure the maximum zoom
    factor for the Texts panel (in the toolbar). In case there is less
    space available than the maximum zoom would afford (because there are
    several panels open at the same time) the zoom of the Texts panel
    adjusts automatically to the given width.
  • Copying scenes between documents (via the Texts panel) now also
    transfers used characters, locations and storylines into the target
    document, unless they already exist there.
  • The annoying mouse hints have been removed for the self-explaining
    input fields of the Characters-, Locations-, Ideas-, and Storylines
  • An open synopsis text level will no longer switch into the treatment
    when a new scene is created, unless it has keyboard focus or there is no
    Outline panel open for the new scene to become visible.
  • The characters, ideas, locations and storylines list no longer
    jump up when they are scrolled down and clicking an element.
  • A graphical glitch has been fixed that could occur at the page
  • On Windows, a file had to be selected twice directly after program
    start when using “Open” from the start panel.
  • The built-in help of the Texts panel for a specific text level was
    appearing after each start, unless the built-in help had been closed
    once for every other text level.
  • A specific class of crahses, which could happen during typing, have
    been eliminated. This also resulted in a slight performance increase.
  • Some irritations with the paragraph style popup have been fixed,
    for example pasting while the popup is open.
  • Wrong line breaks before typographical quotation marks have been
    fixed. These are automatically corrected in existing documents.
  • When exporting character descriptions, the wrong hero-type option
    had been reported.
  • On some computers, the new spell checking could cause delays while
  • Activating or deactivating the spelling and style-checking has been
  • The maximum zoom level of the text can now be directly configured
    from the tool bar (the magnifying glass icon). (The automatic zoom
    provides the optimal text size according to how many other panels are
    open concurrently.)
  • Applying a suggestion from the spell checking menu directly at the
    end of steps or scenes no longer crashes.
  • Entering or editing locations in the scene headings had a number of
    problems. The cursor behavior is correct again and also navigating the
    drop-down via the arrow-keys works again as intended.
  • When copying scenes in the Texts panel via the clipboard between
    documents, all scene heading entries are now correctly transferred. Also
    all characters, locations and storylines will be copied in to the target
    document. If the source and target document share the same origin,
    already existing characters, locations and storylines will be assigned
  • Copying steps and scenes via Drag&Drop between the Outline
    panels of different documents also transfers characters, locations, and
    storylines, if they don’t already exist in the target document. (Copy
    and paste in the Outline panel however still needs to be extended for
    this functionality.)
  • Bug fixes seen from automatic crash-logs.
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