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DramaQueen 1.3 – Update-Report

This update contains new features and fixes bugs:

  • Automatic detection and assignment of plotlines!
    (DramaQueen PLUS and PRO)
    The foundation for this feature
    established the previous version with its automatic detection of
    characters within each scene. Now you can define the central characters
    of each plotline in the Plotlines panel – DramaQueen takes care of the
    rest (if you like). The automatic detection can be carefully tweaked.
  • The Final Draft import and export have been vastly
    improved. Not only have various problems been addressed, it will also
    transfer between a lot more text elements. DramaQueen
    imports and exports Final Draft “Scene Titles” as scene outlines,
    as well as “Scene Summaries” as the treatment text level.
    Even ScriptNotes will be im- and exported. Most of the text formatting
    options will be regarded by DramaQueen. For reasons of consistency,
    DramaQueen will still enforce the strict script layout standard of the
    Writers’ Guild concerning margins and spacing, though.
  • The list of characters is consistently sorted by frequency of
    occurrence in all contexts.
  • The Plotlines panel will take on the color of the selected
    plotline. In addition the plotline’s color will be shown before each
    plotline in the list.
  • Again all crashes have been fixed for which we received error-
    reports in the meantime, including one involving the context menu
    of the Texts panel.
  • Problems involving text editing on the title page have been fixed,
    including one where entering a line break there disabled the Undo
    feature for the document.
  • The plotline color dots in the Outline panel will be updated
    when a plotline is deleted (or when the deletion is undone).
  • Bug with “Create new character” in the Storytelling panel has
    been fixed.
  • Unintended interdependency when formatting paragraph types
    has been fixed.
  • When starting DramaQueen, a specific problem with the Internet
    connection could lead DramaQueen to freeze up.
  • When opening the Help panel without an Internet connection on Mac
    OS, an error message was shown for each embedded video. If one didn’t
    unflinchingly click ten times OK, DramaQueen would have appeared to be
    stuck in an endless loop. An appropriate message will now be shown
    in place of the videos when off-line.
  • Additional potential problems with the Internet connection have been
    addressed, so that working with DramaQueen remains unaffected.
  • Double-clicking a word at the end of a paragraph now selects the
    whole word including its last character.
  • When dragging scenes between documents that are different versions
    of the same original document stored in separate files, the action
    will no longer be blocked with the message that the scene is already
    part of the story.
  • A problem has been fixed with the order of turning points in the
    Outline and Dramatic Chart, if turning points had been assigned to
    steps or scenes, and the affiliation of those elements to the respective
    plotline was changed.
  • On Mac OS, the Help panel sometimes didn’t render the contents
    and remained white, especially while typing in the search field.
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