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DramaQueen 1.2 – Update-Report

Automatic character detection and bug fixes:

  • New: Automatic character detection (for PLUS
    and PRO)! All speaking characters and all character names in ALL-CAPS
    automatically appear in the characters list. The character’s gender
    and possibly the age are also pre-configured in the Characters
  • New: Automatic character assignment (for PLUS
    and PRO)! All mentions of character names are detected. Therefore, the
    Outline column for appearing characters is always up to date.
  • New: Sorting of characters (for PLUS
    and PRO). The Characters panel is now sorted by
    frequency of occurrence. The Outline panel contains additional sorting
    options for the appearing characters column in the gear menu.
  • New: Global renaming of characters (for PLUS
    and PRO). When a character is renamed in the Characters panel,
    the name is replaced in all text levels and panels. A new dialog
    informs about occurrences of the old and possibly the new name and
    offers the option to replace additional mutations of the name, such as
    genitive or nick names.
  • Important: The prompt before installing this
    software update to close all open documents must be ignored. Following
    the advice will quit DramaQueen without installing the update. The bug
    is fixed by this update, but the fix will take effect only for the
    next one. (A prompt to save documents will appear even when not
    closing windows.)
  • A problem has been fixed, where DramaQueen documents have been
    saved with invalid control characters in the text, which may have got
    there through the import or by pasting from the clip board. Already
    defective files can be loaded again with this update.
  • Even better detection of scene headings by the Smart Import of
    scripts. Additional handling of “vertical tabs” (line breaks within
    paragraphs, used in Word documents). Much improved import of these
  • More intuitive Undo / Redo when renaming elements and when editing
  • Fixed annoying flicker of the scene headings while
    typing (affected only Windows version).
  • No unneccessary moving of the text caret after switching from the
    script to the synopsis and back.
  • The software update installer no longer opens behind other windows
    on Windows. (When the blinking symbol in the task bar
    was overlooked, it would still be the old version at the next start of
  • When the text caret was placed on a speaking character,
    parenthetical, or scene transition paragraph, it was influencing
    typing in the synopsis or treatment.
  • Typographically correct quotation marks, can be deactivated in the
    Texts panel gear menu.
  • Automatic fix of a certain possible defect while loading DramaQueen
  • Export option “Final Draft” in file dialog also via File -> Export text -> Script.
  • DramaQueen was freezing up showing documents, where a character
    with an empty name had somehow ended up in the characters list.
  • On Windows XP and Windows 7 with deactivated Aero-interface,
    closed document windows were not removed from the screen. When quitting
    DramaQueen, this looked as if DramaQueen had frozen.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when editing names in the characters
  • The software could no longer reach the license server under a
    certain address. Unlocking or validating an already entered license
    could fail.
  • More errors in the context of failed unlocking attempts have been
  • In some cases, opening the Characters panel could lead to a
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