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DramaQueen 1.1 – Update Report

This update contains the new text notes as well as
improvements and fixes.

  • New feature: Text notes. The Texts panel now allows
    to insert notes (a.k.a. annotations, comments). This is done via the
    new Note button in the tool bar: A new note will be inserted at the
    current text location and the note editor opens below the text. That one
    also contains a list of all notes. Selecting a note in the list
    navigates to the respective location in the text. The note editor can
    be shown at any time via the gear menu of the Texts panel. Notes of
    different authors get their own color. Notes by be sorted by different
    criteria (by location in the text, by date, by author). They may also be
    filtered to only those containing the provided search terms.
  • While editing an outline or name in the Characters, Ideas,
    Plotlines, or Locations panel, it’s now possible to use Undo and
  • In the paid versions PLUS and PRO, the Help menu contains a separate
    option “Send support-request”. Support-requests will be answered with
    higher priority.
  • The parent text level will always be shown as configured, even
    when the Texts panel has been closed meanwhile.
  • The height of the parent text level in the Texts panel is now
  • Fixed a crash while disabling buttons in the start panel if
    the panel was currently hidden.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur under certain circumstances while
    editing the location in a scene heading.
  • Sometimes the buttons in the Texts panel tool bar didn’t immediately
    match the edited text level.
  • If the text caret was positioned at the very end of a step or
    scene, it would be wrongly moved the the beginning, if that element
    was clicked in the Outline panel.
  • The inline help of the script was much too large on first time
    installs since the last update, so that the close button of the
    help area was not visible anymore.
  • “Remove from Archive” works correctly for elements that have been
    newly created in the Archive.
  • If a plotline had been deleted from a document, and a plotline
    assignment was removed from an element that had the deleted plotline
    as only other previously assigned plotline, this element would disappear
    without the popup asking whether the removal of the last plotline
    assignment should delete the element.
  • When opening a Texts panel, the current globally selected plotline
    was not adopted, instead the text consisted of all elements of the
  • When selecting a note, the scene or step at the respective caret
    position was not globally activated.
  • The toolbar of a panel in fullscreen mode could disappear under
    certain circumstances when the setting “Hide toolbars dynamically” was
  • Dragging panel buttons of closed panels into the area of open
    panels could lead to some inconsistencies.
  • When downloading software updates, the new version will be able to
    continue downloading after a broken connection, instead of downloading
    again from the beginning.
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