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Our hire-purchase unites the advantages of a substription and hire-purchase!

It works like this:

  • You pay a manageable monthly amount.
  • You can immediately start working with PRO or PLUS.
  • You get all ongoing upgrades up to the version included.
  • You can cancel at any time without notice period.
  • After 9 respectively 18 months you own a permanent DramaQueen 3 license!

In another words:

You pay a monthly amount only for as long as you want and you don’t need to bind yourself. You can simply cancel your payments without notice period, and thereby terminate your license contract. Simply send us a note. Or you can decide to pay all 9 (PLUS) or 18 (PRO) rates without break and right after the last payment your license automatically converts to the lifetime-license 3.x The hire-purchase is automatically completed, you do not need to cancel manually.

This is how much it costs:

$11,90 x   9 Month for DramaQueen PLUS
$17,90 x 18 Month for DramaQueen PRO

On a side-note: The instant-purchase of DramaQueen also includes all feature-upgrades of the version!

How to cancel early:

Simply send us a note via our contact formular, or use the feature Help -> Send feedback directly from within DramaQueen, and tell us that you want to cancel. We will then stop the automatic payments.

The next post shows you all advantages of hire and instant-purchase side by side.

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