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First Prospects

In the last couple of weeks we were often asked about the price of DramaQueen in its full version and about the difference between the basic and the full version. We would like to answer these understandable questions.
At this point everything is still in motion and our considerations and thoughts are on-going:
There will definitely be a free version and a purchase version of DramaQueen. The free basic version will be a fully functioning writing and formatting software – there will be no limitations to the number and length of projects nor will there be any time limitations on its usage. So basically one could compare the free version with the purchase version of e.g. Final Draft (on top of that DramaQueen FREE will be fully importable and exportable from and to other text formats like Word).
The fee-based full version on the other hand will contain the feature for dramatic story development (e.g. story-telling panel, the character panel, the plotline features, the use of structure models and plot-points, the switch between all 3 text-levels, as well as the analysis tools).
Our price calculations for the full version are still ongoing and therefore are listed here with reservations: at this point we’ve set a price of about 300€ for the DramaQueen full version 1.0. Besides the full price version there will also be the alternative to subscribe to DramaQueen should you want to use the full version but not want to invest the one-time full fee.
We’re planning a special treat for our beta-users who were with us from the start: everyone who helped us with the further development of DramaQueen by sending us feedback via the questionnaire will receive a thank-you discount. As we’ve said before, these are our internal considerations and therefore all these details are noncommittal – but the scale will lie in this range.
Naturally, we will need an income for the further development of DramaQueen to cover our expenses and our personal ‘bread and butter’ – even though DramaQueen is most dear to us as a project and our creation. During the last two years we had to invest many advance payments to get DramaQueen to the point at which it is now. There are many additional features in the pipeline (you will hear more about this very soon). Our price calculations are based on these concerns.
We would like to know what our beta-users are thinking. Do you consider this offer to be fair? Simply post your comment or write to us directly.

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