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DramaQueen 3.4: Flexible Levels & Fresh-up

In the new version 3.4 we have made the handling even simpler – especially for new users and novelists – and the user interface even more flexible and reduced, so that you can focus even better when writing your story.

In DramaQueen PRO you can now switch your text and outline levels on or off separately and thus reduce or increase the complexity of your story with one click – depending on how much context you need at the moment.

In the Overview and in the Board you can use the speed dial to set the level you want – and also whether you want to see the summaries or if you want to see the entire text of each scene:

When moving to the next text level you can configure it in advance according to your requirements and decide, among other things, whether you want to keep the higher outline level or not.

This makes it possible, for example, to keep your plot as reference text but hide the plot structure.

We have also visually reduced the table bars and buttons on the DramaQueen user interface in all versions, the categories ‘Origin’ and ‘Humor ‘ added in the Characters panel and a new paragraph style added:

With the text element ‘First Paragraph’ the first line of a paragraph is not indented in novel narratives. For the ‘Normal’ text element, the first line is then indented by default.

All improvements can be found as always in our update report.

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