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DramaQueen PRO 3

Full version with all storytelling features, runs for an unlimited time


Test free of charge
Order as instant purchase for $297.00*
Order as hire purchase for $17.90 x 18 Months*
Order upgrade to version 3 for $88,00* (requires PRO2 license)


  • versions MOVIE, NOVEL & SERIES
  • AI integration (optional, separate billing of AI performance based on consumption)
  • writing of a plot, outline and script
  • parallel working in different text levels
  • outlining on two levels with structure elements and turning points
  • separate development and writing of storylines
  • structure models acts, chapters, sequences and steps
  • defining of plot-points for all storylines
  • Storytelling panel for each storyline
  • Overview panel with Drag&Drop and defining storyline-assignment, setting, characters and tags
  • Board panel
  • Storylines panel
  • Story Arcs panel with visualization of the storylines
  • Annotations panel
  • Ideas panel
  • Characters panel
  • Locations panel
  • World panel
  • inserting images
  • references
  • automatic character detection & global character name replacement
  • automatic detection of storylines by defining appearing characters
  • smart-import of scripts from PDF, Word, Final Draft, TXT, RTF
  • free export of all texts into Word, EPUB, Final Draft, PDF, RTF
  • printing of all texts
  • page display for all texts (WYSIWYG)
  • full-screen mode for all panels
  • change tracking, revision mode & text comparison
  • linked notes in the text
  • footnotes
  • archiving for text elements
  • wide-ranging layout settings
  • 4 different methods of script formatting (incl. Auto-Formatting)
  • smart-type-feature (auto completion of characters and locations while typing)
  • lock numbering and other numbering options
  • start each scene on a new page
  • spell, grammar, and style checking while typing
  • freely definable fields for turning points, structure, and the categories "Theme", "Need", "Want", and "Central Question"
  • can be unlocked on 3 computers (Win or Mac) at the same time

Includes all feature upgrades for all versions of the 3.x and 4.x series!

All following versions of the 3.x and 4.x series - each with improvements and new features - are included in the price and will become available with free automatic upgrades.

The PRO license allows an individual to unlock and use DramaQueen on up to three computers at the same time. These may run different operating systems

Instant purchase means obtaining the current Version incl. the Release-Upgrade-Package for all versions of the 3.x series and the 4.x series!

Hire-purchase means unlimited use during the subscription period and permanently obtaining the current Version incl. the Release-Upgrade-Package for all versions of the 3.x and 4.x series with fulfilling the last subscription payment.

Instant payment or hire purchase?
- Here is a comparison between the two options.


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