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New Download Server

Most people experienced no problems downloading our DramaQueen beta-version (as far as we know). But we’ve notices that sometimes it took several attempts to download. We’ve also received some feedback that DramaQueen could not be fully downloaded when having to work with a bad internet connection or being at a remoter place in the world. The main problems has been that our web-host’s server did not support a continuation of interrupted downloads. Had this function been available you wouldn’t even have noticed any connection problems. DramaQueen being a complex software of an extensive size increases the chances of encountering problems during the download time.

That’s why we’ve decided to change the download server to which supports the continuation of interrupted downloads. This will also have a positive effect on the automatic software update. Should you close DramaQueen during an update download, the download will continue where it left off the next time you open DramaQueen.
We hope that this new measure will ensure a reliable download and update service for you!

Click here to access the download site.

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