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DramaQueen TEST

Free 30 Days DramaQueen Trial

X Simply download the software and get started
X Unrestricted range of functions
X Directly compare all versions
X Free of charge, no cancellation needed
X Afterwards unlimited use of DramaQueen FREE

DramaQueen TRIAL When you install DramaQueen for the first time, it runs as DramaQueen TRIAL. It goes without saying that is free of charge and without any further commitment.

DramaQueen FREE After the trial period the software will automatically convert to DramaQueen FREE with reduced features, but can be used for an unlimited time.
DramaQueen PLUS DramaQueen FREE can be converted to DramaQueen PLUS or PRO at any time, so that the useful additional features become available again.
DramaQueen PRO If you have already activated DramaQueen PLUS or DramaQueen PRO on your computer, installing this download will simply update to the most recent version.

How does the trial period work?

We would like to give you the opportunity to try all DramaQueen features. Since one usually doesn’t have 30 days in a row to test a new software, you can try DramaQueen for 30 individual days over a period of 3 months!
That means: If you work with DramaQueen daily, the trial period will be 30 days. If you don’t work with DramaQueen each day, the trial period will be up to 3 months. The trial period starts when you open DramaQueen for the first time.

The trial version allows you to switch between the three DramaQueen versions PRO, PLUS, and FREE. This way you can directly compare the respective feature sets.

What happens when the trial period is up?

Then DramaQueen will automatically run as the free of charge basic version DramaQueen FREE. You can simply keep working in DramaQueen FREE.
Or you can purchase a license for PLUS or PRO, if you don’t want to miss the additional features.

DramaQueen FREE will keep all your texts. You will also be able to write, structure and script-format your texts as well as import and export all common file formats. All meta data you have added will be stored in your documents, even if DramaQueen FREE or PLUS doesn’t support them. By upgrading to PLUS or PRO respectively they can be accessed again.

If you have written texts for several text levels, those texts won’t be lost. However, in DramaQueen FREE or PLUS you will have to choose the text level (plot, outline/concept or script) to display every time when opening such a document.

Further Information:

  • All functions are described in the Help panel in DramaQueen (to be opened via the main menu Help). Restrict the help topics by entering search terms.
  • Get started: Learn the basic handling and all important keyboard commands: Download PDF
  • DramaQueen is available in English and German. If your computer does not run in German, DramaQueen will automatically run in English. Documents can be written in English, German, French, and Spanish. Although documents can be written other languages as well, certain features may not be supported in that case.
  • Please note DramaQueen cannot be used at the moment to write documents in languages that are right to left, or which require specific input methods.
  • If you require further help or would like to share your experience with us, you can contact us directly via the option ‘Send Feedback’ (main menu Help) or via Please, read our support category in the FAQ.

What are you waiting for? Download DramaQueen now!
We appreciate your interest in DramaQueen and hope you enjoy exploring it!

5 Responses to DramaQueen TRIAL

  1. Andy 16. June 2020 at 08:27 #

    I have downloaded Drama Queen Free, but unlock requires a license key, which I do not have. Please advise – Thank you.

    • DramaQueen 16. June 2020 at 09:11 #

      You don’t need a license code in order to open DramaQueen FREE. :)

  2. Stephan 29. January 2021 at 12:18 #

    To be clear, DramaQueen FREE offers a way to unlock the software on the start panel. But you simply ignore that and use the software as is (create a new document from the start panel, or open or import an existing file.)

  3. Rory Kiberd 19. January 2024 at 19:59 #

    In the free version, can I write scripts and export them as pdfs?

    • DramaQueen 21. January 2024 at 09:43 #

      Yes, you can write scripts in the free version and export them as PDF, Word, EPUB, Final Draft or RTF.

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