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Inspired by the feedback, wishes and suggestions we’ve received, we made several features more user-friendly. Our objective was to expand the software’s complexity step-by-step and only as far as needed as well as ease the transition between text-levels.

The 3 most crucial changes are:

-At the beginning DramaQueen focuses on just one text-level (synopsis, treatment or script). The other two text-levels are only set up when the writer is ready to work with them.
Therefore the outline only consists of steps or scenes at the beginning. Should the writer start with a synopsis the outline will only contain steps; should the writer begin with a treatment or script the outline will consists of only scenes. The newly created main menu ‘levels’ now offers the possibility to set up further text-levels during the story development process. At the same time the outline’s second level will appear displaying steps and scenes.


– Now it is possible to switch from one text-level to another end-to-end. To do this one can simply transfer one level onto another.
When adding another level the user will be asked whether the existing text-level’s content should be copied to the new level.

-There are two different storytelling- panel versions: one for the main-plotline and another more compact version for the secondary plotlines.

Furthermore we’ve made some subtle adjustments to the software surface, sorted out some minor bugs, clarified some suggestions and texts and embedded some how-to-videos in the help-panel.

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