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What’s going on and what’s going to happen

Here a quick update about what we’ve been up to and what’s going to happen in the next weeks:  10 days ago we’ve launched our English Version of DramaQueen. DramaQueen adapts to the system language on your computer – if you have a non-English computer system DramaQueen will automatically download the English version. Our release date is not fully confirmed yet, but it will likely happen in April. That’s why the BETA 11 version carries already the renewed validity until the 31 March 2013. We’ve received many requests to offer not only the free-of-charge version and the pay-version DramaQueen PRO, but also a lower-cost starter version. We’re working on realising this through our DramaQueen PLUS version. More information will follow.
Until the end of the beta-phase in a couple of weeks our to-do-list consists of the following 3 tasks: 1. To split up DramaQueen BETA into 3 different release-versions. This will enable you to compare and choose between 3 versions before the actual purchase (there will be a switch-button in the free 30-day-test-version). 2. To design a roadmap of the upcoming features. 3. To finalise the technical requirements for purchase and subscription on our website.

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