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DramaQueen 3 is the new software for script writers and novelists.

DramaQueen is tailor-made for the creative process of fictional texts. With DramaQueen you can develop, write and format stories as well as visualize, analyze and revise them – for a flexible and professional workflow on a new level. DramaQueen is intuitive to use and relies on simple, self-explanatory handling.


In addition to supporting all the common features of writing software, DramaQueen offers a number of amazing features not found in any other software: smooth development of the story from plot to finished (manu-)script, working with storylines, turning points, various structural models (e.g. the hero’s journey or self-configured models), storytelling guidance as well as character profiles, character arcs and analysis graphics.


DramaQueen inspires and supports writing screenplays of all genres (industry standard or individual layout), scene outlines and treatments, as well as working with steps, beats, sequences and scenes.


DramaQueen inspires and supports the writing of novels, short stories and narratives of all kinds (in standard page format or individual layout), synopses and concepts, as well as working with steps, acts, parts, chapters, scenes and subchapters..


Series writers can use DramaQueen to plot and write all episodes of a season/series in one document. For plotting, there is a board for the whole season/series and boards for each episode where you can arrange the acts and beats or the chapters and scenes. You can create horizontal and vertical storylines. And you can write in a team on a season/series, i.e. assign, share and import individual episodes.

Also available for dramatists soon.

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The idea of DramaQueen in 100 seconds

DramaQueen can, for example, automatically recognize storylines, help you tell character-driven stories and find the most effective storytelling for your story, graphically display narrative arcs, and reveal dramatic weak points.

For whom is DramaQueen?

You’ve got an idea and want to turn it into a story?

You may use the dramatic tools right from the beginning or just write, develop and format your story for now – ‚uninterrupted’ by all the dramaturgy. The dramatic features can be brought in at any time, e.g. during the rewriting and development process.

You already have a script version of your story?

Then you can continue the development of your story with DramaQueen. Simply import your script and use the DramaQueen tools to rewrite your story.

You want to write a script report for a (or someone else’s) script?

Using the smart-import all information regarding scenes, characters and settings is clearly broken down in an overview. DramaQueen will identify single storylines automatically as well as set turning points – within minutes you are provided with a visual analysis of all narrative arcs.

What does an exemplary story development process look like?

The story is roughly sub-divided into story steps/chapters. The outline creates a breakdown of the story. The story steps are further described in the synopsis. The storytelling-guidance is your creative buddy.

Now individual storylines emerge, each developing their own narrative arc. Each storyline receives its own turning points.

The plot becomes more and more specific. Each step is further developed into several scenes, every chapter into bits. Each story step may be provided with specific characteristics and markings.

The writer discovers the structure of her story: for now, she sub-divides it into three acts. Later she can fine-comb it into sequences or the 12 stages of the hero’s journey. Alternatively the writer can apply a specific story-step-model, developed by a scriptwriting teacher, to the story.

The writing begins. DramaQueen takes care of formatting. Scenes become more and more detailed and specific. In the meantime, DramaQueen keeps collecting significant story meta data.

The rewriting process follows the first draft. Storytelling and structure are being put to the test:

On a visual level, you are going to be able to experience, reflect upon and interpret the story’s entire architecture as a chart. The chart and breakdown also serve as a neutral base for story development discussions with producers, dramatic advisors, readers.

Story steps are re-arranged; scenes/bits are cut or moved into the archive. Every storyline is individually worked on in the storyline-mode until the story is ready to be shot.

What is the DramaQueen approach?

DramaQueen is the first to translate the principles of storytelling into the logic of a software and therewith makes storytelling knowledge directly applicable. DramaQueen does not force a generic standard dramaturgy onto a story. Instead it supports any — even experimental, achronological or epic — dramaturgies.

The idea behind DramaQueen is to re-define the working tools of writers: DramaQueen tools help the writer to discover how a story can and should be told. DramaQueen doesn’t aim at substituting the writer’s talent and creativity – but rather offers to assist with dramatic tasks, inspire the story material development and make it more manageable.

DramaQueen enables a smooth development from a synopsis to a concept to an accurately formatted script – while supporting the writer’s main job: the story’s dramatic development. Furthermore DramaQueen offers to visualize the story’s architecture and therewith open up new perspectives.

DramaQueen is an integral software for an integrating process. By combining all elements and stages of a story in one document it is also a kind of story-organizer establishing a creative working environment.

All tools are aimed at allowing a maximum of freedom and flexibility during the creative process. They may be applied at every stage of story development: during outlining, writing and rewriting.

The free basic version of DramaQueen allows unlimited outlining, writing, formatting, importing and exporting.

DramaQueen is directed towards writers, dramatic consultants, readers, creative producers, editors, directors and film scholars.

  • Inspires creative and playful handling of story structure
  • Offers the writer specific narrative inputc
  • Enables individual development of storylines
  • Graphically displays the story’s architecture
  • Discloses a story’s dramatic weaknesses
  • Encourages flexible experimentation with alternative story compositions
  • Supports an effective rewriting and editing process
  • Objectivizes and professionalizes story development
  • Intensifies the writer’s engagement with the story
  • Serves as a perfect story-organizer and first-class formatting tool.

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