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DramaQueen for novel writers?

There have been several suggestions to open DramaQueen to novel writers. There’s a little discussion about this developing in the comment section at the end of our feature page.
Our ‘home’ is filmmaking – therefore we’ve developed DramaQueen for filmmakers – and this will remain our first priority. At this point we’re working exclusively towards accomplishing our 1.0-version for the development and writing of film scripts, meeting all requests and requirements. In the medium-run we are open to a possibly developing call for a prose-version within the community. (But we’d like to stress that this is not going to happen very soon as our current primary concern is to focus on scriptwriting and film).

That’s why we’d like to use this space to collect feedback and swap ideas with prose writers. Since we’ve only got personal prose writing experience we’d be very interested in some sort of ‘wish list’ regarding which adaptations and features would be especially useful for novel and short story writing and what these could look like. We’ve already received some specific implementation ideas for DramaQueen PROSE: suggestions like ‘chapter’ structuring, linked note-boxes for individual chapters, formatting in standard pages or a form of scope- and workload management.
Should there be any other ideas, please, add them via the comment feature at the bottom. It would be great to create a shared vision of active prose writers that will eventually become a practical and inspiring working tool! (Of course, it is also possible to write to us directly, if that’s what you prefer!)

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