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DramaQueen 1.9 – Update-Report

This update contains new features, numerous improvements, as well as bugfixes:


  • There is a new Annotations panel which can be used to record any annotations to a scene. What kind of annotations is completely up to the author. It could be notes, research material or the annotations could all follow a certain pattern. To faciliate this, the contents of a single annotation can be stored as a template for all other annotations. The Help panel explains things in more detail.
  • Support for French and Spanish as language of the texts within a document. This refers to the spelling and grammar checking, auto completion in scene headings and the smart-import.
  • The available structure models have been extended such that there is one model for each number of structure elements between 2 and 12. All models are compatible with each other and can be converted at any time.
  • Structure elements (acts, sequences, stages, turning points) can all be formulated directly in the Outline panel. Just clicking the desired element with the mouse will reveal a text area.
  • In the gear menu of the Texts panel, there is now an entry Clear formatting which erases any changes to the character and paragraph styles within the selected text range.


  • Word (.docx) import and export: Comments alias text notes are now imported and exported.
  • The Smart-Import has been improved and it avoids now better the false detection of normal text as scene headings, even though a certain treshold in the number of keywords is crossed.
  • The code for the assignment of storylines to steps and scenes has been reworked and unified. There have been some complex situations of “inherited” assignment, automatic assignment based on the detection of appearing characters, and manual unassignment of storylines, where the program behavior was not intuitive.
  • Assigning and unassigning characters to steps and scenes has been likewise reworked. A character is regarded as appearing in a step whenever it appears in any of its child scenes. Accordingly the character is removed from all child scenes, if the checkmark is removed from the step. Contrary to assigning storylines, one can assign a character to a step without this action causing the character to also be assigned to all of its child scenes.
  • When dragging or copying steps or scenes between documents, referenced elements like characters or locations will not be transfered, when the target document already contains an element with the same name. Previously only some internal ID was checked. This is especially useful when developing new scenes in a separate document, and the automatic character detection created characters that likely have the same name as in the target document.
  • BETA 3: Four new tagging icons are available: questionable ‘Questionable’, attention ‘Attention’, move up ‘Move up’, move down ‘Move down’.
  • BETA 4: DramaQueen no longer uses automatically inserted empty lines to achieve spacing between text elements in the script. Existing document will be automatically converted when opened. This change has a number of advantages:
    • Pages can no longer accidentally start with an empty line.
    • Better compatibility when importing and exporting as well as when copying and pasting from other apps.
    • The spacing between text elements can be configured more fine grained.
  • BETA 4: DramaQueen now supports line breaks within paragraphs. As in other text applications, these are inserted using SHIFT-ENTER and start a new line within the same paragraph. Breaks within paragraphs are also supported for all import and export formats.
  • BETA 4: Within the selection of the Texts panel, invisible characters at line endings are now displayed and the handling of the selection has been improved.
  • BETA 4: The Annotations panel has a quick help that can be toggled and is shown when first opening the panel.
  • BETA 4: The performance of the Annotations panel has been greatly improved in several areas.


  • When a step was deleted in the document, and then this step was dragged from an older version of the document that has been opened in parallel back into the Outline, it lead to a crash.
  • There was a crash when trying to move a step in the Outline via Edit -> Cut and Paste.
  • When working with sub-divided scenes, DramaQueen could crash since 1.8.0 when deleting sub-scenes or reordering them. This could also happen sometime after the actual change.
  • Documents in which individual scenes had no script textlevel, are automatically fixed when opened. This situation lead to a crash when activating scene headings in the treatment.
  • A problem has been fixed with automatic numbering, where the last locked number was used to form an extended number, even if encountered much earlier in the document, instead of the last regular automatic number.
  • An error has been fixed in the Texts panel which could lead to inconsistent display.
  • In the Layout-Settings, the unit option “px” has been removed from some options like Insets and Spacing.
  • BETA 2: Inconsistencies have been fixed concerning when the annotations for an element reflect the current template, and when the element annotations become detached from the template by editing them.
  • BETA 2: The placement of “(MORE)” at the bottom of a page has ignored a configured spacing between text and page footer.
  • BETA 2: Some users of BETA 1 have reported that the text rendering can sometimes “tear apart” which can be fixed by scrolling or toggling the display of the title page. This bug is hard to reproduce and there is a change, which may fix the problem. We would be grateful for any feedback if someone can still observe the problem.
  • BETA 3: A crash has been fixed that happened when undoing a text change in an annotation such that the annotation would switch to displaying the template.
  • BETA 3: A problem has been fixed where the Texts panel scrolled farther and farther down from the last active element, mostly until the end of the text.
  • BETA 3: Certain text operation could cause “tearing up” of the text display where areas were visible at different locations at the same time.
  • BETA 3: In the Layout settings for the script, it was not saved in documents when the placement of the numbering was set to “Left in margin”. It was also not saved when scene headings had been turned off entirely.
  • BETA 4: Certain changes in the Layout settings (concerning the page layout) were applied with a noticeable lag. This has been fixed.
  • BETA 4: Renaming of characters, ideas, locations and storylines now also works when the new name is not applied by hitting ENTER, but by clicking somewhere else in the list.
  • BETA 4: The lists of characters, locations, ideas and storylines could sometimes have a weird offset and show a weird white area at the top.
  • BETA 4: Learning the spelling of words which attached to non-letter characters has not worked correctly.
  • BETA 4: A certain error which could happen under Mac OS X and which happened more frequently in El Capitan no longer produces a crash.
  • BETA 4: A bug in the Annotations panel has been fixed. It could lead for example to a crash when pressing BACKSPACE in an empty annotation.
  • BETA 4: The annotations for the current element are more reliably scrolled into view.
  • BETA 4: When accepting a proposed correction from the spelling and grammar checker via context menu, the inserted word has the correct text style.
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