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DramaQueen BETA

Thank you for your interest in the “Open BETA” program. There is currently no BETA version available of the coming DramaQueen release.

DramaQueen 3.5.0 BETA 6

Thanks for being here! Check out DramaQueen 3.5 BETA 6 and discover the new AI integration. We have unlocked a free trial period of 24 test days for all BETA testers! The trial period is effective for everybody, no matter if you already own a DramaQueen license or not.

Important information about 3.5.0 BETA 6

Advantages and disadvantages of a BETA version

  • You can start using the new features now.
  • You can take influence: Your feedback helps us putting on the last tweaks.
  • Bugs may surface which impact your workflow.
  • When you have an important deadline coming up you should not install the BETA.

General tips for working with BETA versions

  • Keep the last version of your documents from before upgrading to the BETA as separate files. The easiest way to do this is to save your document to a new file when saving it for first time with the BETA (use Save as… and not just Save). But if you want to be absolutely sure, just make a copy of the folder containing your DramaQueen documents.
  • Should DramaQueen crash, always send the crash report. It contains the error log (the chain of program functions calling each other leading to the crash). Having the error log greatly improves our ability to fix the bug. In case there are certain steps which lead to the error, explain these steps in the feedback field. Keep sending more error logs even if you think you hit the same error again.
  • A parallel installation two different DramaQueen versions is not recommended and is not easily possible either.
  • If there happens to be a bigger problem, which surfaces with your workflow or only on your computer, you can revert back to the last official version, by simply downloading the DramaQueen installer and overwriting the BETA when installing. Make sure we know about the problem (use the Help -> Send feedback feature or write us to, so that it is fixed in the next BETA or in the final release at the latest.

Information Before Downloading

(Fields with asterisk (*) are required. The other data only helps us to improve the usefullness of DramaQueen for our users. Of course we will never share your information with third parties.)

My e-mail address: *
Please enter a valid email address.

In oder to inform you about possible bugs in the beta version, it is obligatory to provide your email address for the beta phase. So by inserting your email adress you subscribe to the DramaQueen newsletter (free of charge, without commitment, to be cancelled at any time). This way you always stay informed about new DramaQueen features, possible sales, and helpful tips and tricks. The newsletter appears roughly every two months.

Desired version: *

System requirements: Windows 10+ 64 bit or macOS 10.10+, 512 MiB of available RAM

 I have read the privacy statement and agree with it. *
Please accept the privacy terms to continue.

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