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“This software transforms the often confusing process of writing into clear working steps. All you have to do now is to take step by step…”


“Dramaqueen is going to be huge.”

(Heiko Raschke)

“Recently a friend of mine, a producer, asked me about software for beginning but imaginative writers – and I’ve recommended DramaQueen because it offers so much help without being dogmatic.”

(Andrea Schütte)

“I think this software is going to become widely accepted as the new standard not only in Germany but also worldwide. An extremely clear design of all elements – synopsis, characters, plotline, scenes etc. And more importantly – I’ve have been extremely surprised and happy with this software from the very first second. It was very compatible with my handling as a trained audio-visual media designer in comparison to graphic and video/special-effect software.”

(Christoph Jantc)

“The current version of the novel version lends itself to plotting the storyline of novels, I do not know of a better program, and I can say that I’ve tried all the popular programs on the market.”

(Jens Bühler)

“Your program is just great. I’m really impressed. I still have to learn some of the functions, but I’m doing pretty well. At the moment I use it as a hobby, because I come from a completely different corner, but who knows what the future will bring. Anyway, it helps me a lot to put the stories I’ve been carrying around with me for a long time on “paper”. Cool thing, tx!”

(Michael Sauter)

“I’ve been waiting for a software like this for over 10 years. I had given up any hope that a dramatically trained writer would go about developing a software for the needs of other writers. And then there was DramaQueen. Funny name, but superb software.”

(Bülent Aladag)

“Great software for filmmakers. For now. And adapted prose-version is in development and I’m very much looking forward to it. Even in its free-version the program is very helpful.”

(Ernst Bez)

“With DramaQueen three HFF Potsdam graduates are offering a software beyond the mere formatting solution. (…) The bottom line throughout the test phase remains the same: writers have created a software for writers.”

(Gisela Wehrl / Auslöser – film magazine – 5/2013)

“DramaQueen puts me in a good mood just by looking at it! Especially its functionality convinced me straight away. You get thinking that script ideas which have been lying around for while finally get the chance to turn into something good. Getting used to it just happens naturally while you’re already halfway through your synopsis. The friendly help-windows are just as friendly put aside very soon. At some point, you discover the storyline-panel and all of the sudden writing becomes something fun, because now you can see where you’re going.”

(André Weinreich)

“So, all in all, even the free version is absolutely top! For me a 5 star product where I currently see no suggestions for improvement, but have not yet tested everything. But I will definitely get the PLUS version, because of the additional features and out of appreciation for the programmers. The dialogs alone – despite several characters, the appropriate interlocutor is always displayed directly during selection, which saves an incredible amount of time. High praise!”


“All in one sack.”

(Kalle Freynik)

“DramaQueen lets me write while taking care of the rest. What a lady!!”

(Oliver Kyr)

“Already now I can wholeheartedly recommend DramaQueen to prose writers. The options story-development, character development and –management as well as various supporting story structuring methods (acts, steps, scenes, hero’s journey etc.) make the work much easier. On top of that – the online DramaWiki is a very valuable resource for script as well as novel writers. Buy this software!”

(Dirk Eickenhorst)

“I’ve read a lot and went to seminars and have the feeling that here it’s finally all in one place… and I can organise my material well because of it. Great handling, self-explanatory, clear menu.”

(Sabine Diedrich)

“I am thrilled to see how easy and likeable DramaWiki is to summarize the essence, as well as the overall look and feel of CI.”

(Dominik Friebel)

“When you lose perspective DramaQueen will offer you help and structure. It has helped me a lot to find the order of things again and to continue writing swiftly.”

(Anna-Katharina Maier)

“Prose purists who appreciate subtle comfort should risk a closer look.”

(Christian Pohlenz)

As a long-time writer I have to say: If you want to develop your story in a structured way, if you want to be compelled to work out your characters precisely and then also want to be supported by tools like a really “very sophisticated” writing software etc., you are exactly right here. The software provides a creativity boost, so that by now I write the screenplay first and then the novel, instead of the other way around…. Thanks to the dedicated team!

(Hugh Lorenz)

“I teach at the Film Academy Ludwigsburg and at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb), it complements and strengthens my work immensely that students can access Drama Wiki. Great tool!”

(Dr. Christine Otto)

“This program is the best. I’m totally impressed. I’ve always had the (valid) fear that script writing programs will kill creativity. But ho ho! DramaQueen gets down to business. I recommend DramaQueen full-heartedly to all beginners.”

(Erik Schmitt)

“The DramaWiki is written in a helpful and entertaining style. I always find something new to learn.”

(Anna-Katharina Maier)

“I’ve just discovered your page and I’m very impressed. I’ll be coming by quite often from now on. It’s really great!”

(Stephan Michalik)

“DramaQueen is already very helpful for writers working in a structure focused way. But the launch of the prose version is going to be a real game-changer.”

(Stefan Rohde)

“A true firework for plotters. I’ve spent a lot of time on filming and storytelling for my books, and find (almost) everything that was taught there, but DramaQueen leaves room to develop the story freely and does not look like a corset, so I’m curious to see where this software will take me.”

(Bruno Thyke)

“DramaQueen 3 is in my opinion one of the best screenplay software available. I love that it supports the option to import and export Final Draft documents with all their formatting. This was a painless switch to the new software. Great job guys and waiting for new updates!”


“I’m analyzing about 40 script- and screenwriting tools for my bachelor thesis. DramaQueen won me over with its elegant and intuitive interface and its visually supported analysis features. One of the best softwares in the field of scriptwriting with lots of potential for the future.”

(Manuel Mayer)

“The DramaWiki is a digital dramaturgy-filming-technique reference work, which is unparalleled. Especially for interested laymen or expectant professionals, it is a huge pool of knowledge from which you can continue to educate as you wish. Thank you for the loving compilation of many detailed information.”

(Hanna Green)

“Great software allowing the writer to be free and creative without a chance to forget about structure. So no worries there! On every level it becomes very obvious that this is software designed by writers for writers! Fantastic!”

(Björn Schuermann)

“I’m impressed. DramaQueen, especially the Pro-version, is very suitable for storytelling. Working at various levels, a clear structuring of the content, a fantastic user-friendliness and software configuration are the foundation for great writing software leaving nothing else to be desired. Even though the focus is on scriptwriting, a prose-version is in development, serving the needs of prose writers – I’m very much looking forward to its release. As a yWriter fan I’ve been looking for an alternative providing better access and structural order of scenes, protagonists and storylines. I’ve discovered DramaQueen and it fulfilled all my wishes. Thank you for that!”

(Yana Schoenberger)

“DramaQueen allows me as a crime writer to be as creative as possible during the conception phase because I don’t have to worry about format or different software any more. At the same time it forces me to think thoroughly about each character, location and plotline. It is neatly arranged, well designed and intuitive to use. Should one be stuck with scriptwriting terminology the roll-over or a simple click and there’s help.”

(Oliver Bottini)

“I was in love from the first testing moment and saved a few months for the PRO version.
I’ve never encountered another program that helps me get to know my story so well, that guides me through plot development so confidently – and that, above all, is made and represented by such personable, helpful people.
Thanks to the whole DQ team!”

(Frank Friedrichs)

“DramaWiki was made by users for users. It feels so good, to touch base in the middle of all the pondering thanks to the short but profound tips and explanations. And then you just continue writing.”

(Kristina Faust)

“DramaWiki is very professionally set up and suitable for professionals as well as beginners. So far I’ve been writing crime stories and thanks to DramaQueen, with the help of the DramaWiki, simply and clearly presented, and spiked with well-founded tips and explanations, I’m writing our first thriller script together with a co-author.”

(Johannes Zimmer)

“I have tried almost all major writing software for a longer time, and this convinces me by far by great professionalism, clarity, versatility, user-friendliness, friendly people in the background and special future potential through the rich offer of prose, drama to screenplay. The Swiss army knife under the writing software, absolute purchase recommendation (PRO version).”

(Tom Kraus)

“DramaQueen is scriptwriting software. I gave the Pro-version a test-run on a novel project and then on a short story. Let me tell you straight away – it has been great fun and an immense help for my writing…”

(Ulrike Rudolph / “The Tempest” – 16 – 3/2014)

“I am delighted with this program. I find it especially valuable that I can write the individual scenes when I want and simply drag and drop them later. Great also that I can prepare the structure as I need it and have everything in view through the different panels. Super nice! Thank you.”


“The program has advanced my work by light years. For anyone preferring order, structure and clarity in their writing – this is your program to work with!”

(Christian Paulo)

“DramaWiki combines everything on a homepage a non-writer wants to know. Furthermore, it has inspired my work and helped me along.”

(Jana Janicky)

“DramaQueen is well-engineered software for the creation and development of film scripts. It starts with the collection of ideas, continues with the synopsis and treatment, and ends with a script formatted according to the international standard. The many options for importing and exporting make an exchange with colleagues very easy. The support and documentation is exemplary. And then the more than fair price! This is software I can recommend to everyone: professionals as well as interested beginners. A great thank you to the DramaQueen team – finally a German and even better counterpart to Final Draft.”

(Thomas Kronthaler)

“Before: One Word file with the text, one with notes, one for the characters. An Excel file for the sequence of scenes. Still the feeling of looking at my story through a keyhole.
Today: DramaQueen. All places, all characters, all scenes, all storylines, notes, ideas and the different text levels at a glance. My story with all its facets as if on the cinema screen in front of me. Not only do I write faster, but I feel much more confident doing it. THANK YOU!”

(Jutta Profijt)

“DramaQueen is a very comprehensive yet intuitive software that can be used to collect, structure and display information and text in a variety of ways, which is highly recommended for complex projects!”

(Dr. Marlis Molzberger)

“DramaQueen is an interesting alternative to previous script softwares and impresses with the excellent integration of various script development stages. The possibility to roughly develop a story along its storylines and then to fine-tune them step-by-step isn’t offered in such an easy way by any other programme I know of.”

(Christian Storcks)

“I’ve been using DramaQueen since 2021, and have written 3 novels and 3 short stories. I recommend it to any writer that I run across. It just makes the entire creative writing process easy and at times, fun.”

(Tom Mitchell)

“I love the software and how it meets the needs of authors, and I find it hard to imagine a new script project without DramaQueen.”

(Daniel P. Schenk)

“I’ve waited for DramaQueen ever since I’ve started working with scriptwriting software. It’s in German; it conjoins various scriptwriting stages (outline, synopsis, treatment, script) seamlessly, offers countless practical features, which every scriptwriter dreams of, and just feels inherently consistent. It’s inspiring and encourages one to write!”

(Jeshua Dreyfus)

Have worked with many other programs so far … and decided to buy even before the trial ends. That with my stinginess. The fast, precise support is unsurpassed. Rarely has a software picked me up like this. DramaQueen carries real addictive danger. Test, buy, have fun …

(Hans Teterra)

“I’ve developed the plots for 15 novels with DramaQueen, so if you’re a planning writer (instead of an” I’ll see where this leads “type of author, which is just as honorable), should check out the software. It not only helps to organize thoughts, but also draws attention to gaps and weaknesses early on – and thus suggests closing them with good ideas.”

(Kai Hirdt)

“The software isn’t trying and can’t substitute the substantial work of writer and dramatic advisor. It rather opens up the possibility to analyse a script graphically within a short period of time – something that took hours and days before.”

(Timo Landsiedel / zoom – 3/2013)

“DramaWiki is a great and compactly-informative thing and very suitable for little snippets of dramatic and narrative wisdom when needed, which gives me the chance to grow a bit smarter every day.”

(Reto Chrobeg)

“Very real time pressure because of a treatment deadline. With the help of DQ’s test-version and without a manual I was able to rerail the project and send it to the broadcaster within the contractually agreed timeframe.”

(Thomas Peter)

“DramaQueen is a pleasant and responsive software, I use it mainly for prose, since the introduction of a separate mode for that, it is very well possible without script-specific expressions and functions, especially the easy handling of background information (ideas, people, locations, storylines) makes work enjoyable.”

(Stefan Gugerel)

“Just these features are very helpful for writing. But DramaQueen’s options go much further. This software is also an analysis tool and something like a mentor.”

(Oliver Buslau / TextArt – magazine for creative writing – 04/2013)

“It is very obvious that DramaQueen has been developed by people familiar with the daily working processes of scriptwriting – especially with regards to the parallel work on synopsis, treatment and script. The workflow is easier and faster than with all the other script-software I’m familiar with.”

(Claudio Winter)

“I think it’s great to be able to wander back and forth between different stages of story development, to apply different basic structure to a document and be able to play around with it all.”

(Elke Nieschalk)

“I’ve just bought the DramaQueen pro-version and I’m all impressed! For scriptwriters there is no better software on the market at this moment to develop a script. Everything is clearly structured, accessible (even for blondes. lol), and designed to show you your mistakes and weaknesses. Keep up the good work, DramaQueen!”

(Gerlinde Kenkel)

“What a great new release!”

(Andreas Kannengießer)

“Motivates, inspires, makes things easier and more fun! And it looks great too;) Creates a tidy desk and a tidy mind.”

(Martin Plass)

“You can write
clear the sight
all of your plots shining bright
Ooh, see that plot
Watch that scene
Using just DramaQueen”

(Jens Schleicher)

“DramaQueen makes plot and dramatic development graspable…”

(Reto Chrobeg)

“For me this is the clearest and most logical software in the field. Especially the German language, the structuring of the work and the formatting are convincing. It seems to have been developed with great expertise and professionalism and with openness to users’ suggestions. Being on the way to online accessibility (synchronisation, mobile writing) as well as a prose version, one can only hope that DramaQueen will become well established. For now DramaQueen still seems to be an insider tip but it’s a fantastic help and a crucial production tool for any artistic and creatively working person.”

(Kay Zeisberg)

“DramaQueen is a software which makes the planning process much easier. Especially the visual presentation of storylines helps to recognise weaknesses within the story material.”

(Elvira Kainz)

“To all purists: no, the software does not destroy your creativity – quite the contrary. It makes the writing process easier, creates space in your head for what really matters and takes care of professional formatting. It’s not often that I’ve grasped a software so quickly.”

(Nicole Armbruster)

“DramaQueen offers everything you need for the development of an exciting story. The handling and features do not only make sense, but also create a lot of fun using it!”

(Marek Rohde)

“I’ve only worked intensively with character development so far. This tool is very useful – nothing gets lost and while working new ideas come up because of the suggestions. Functional and creatively inspiring – what more could one want!”

(Barbara Büchel)

“I privately use DramaQueen to writer stories. All I can say is that it’s a lot of fun and very intuitive to use.
Furthermore, I’ve done a little professional experiment: DramaQueen as a tool to design and plan university lectures. And I have to say that works very well too.”

(Prof. Dr. Walter Kuhn / HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich)

“Best script development software I’ve ever used.”

(Teymur Mokhtari)

“I have been working with DramaQueen for almost two years and have always enjoyed using DQ to immerse myself in the world of my characters. The creativity is in the foreground.The dramaturgical analysis and assistance in the step outline can be found especially in the time of its creation. A formerly painful evil has become fun for me with DQ, namely the character arcs. With the help of intelligent questions, the characters suddenly start to come to life and gain depth. I find it truly enjoyable to work with DQ.”

(Hanna Green)

“Helpful during the story development, lots of useful features, very compatible with Final Draft, Word and PDF.”

(Robert Hummel)

“The DramaWiki goes far beyond what is regularly taught in writing courses in Germany.”

(Dr. Gerold Haouache)

“Finally, a script-software answering all wishes one has regarding professional work – I’m impressed with DramaQueen. This program fulfils wishes I hadn’t even known existed.”

(Josephin von Thayenthal)

“Function-focused, easy to use and grasp – one can simply sit down and get to work. Whether you want to write as simple story or a complex text – DramaQueen will provide you with all the necessary tools without overwhelming you with clutter.”

(Jonas Ludwig Walter)

“DramaQueen is my diving board into the writing-Jacuzzi.”

(Florian Fleischmann)

“I am thrilled. As promised in the video posts by the lovely Evi Goldbrunner and clearly and engagingly presented I’ve now made the start easily! Mine takes – finally – really good shape! I am taken by the hand by ‘DramaQueen’ and accompanied in planning, structuring, developing and shaping what is slumbering in me and wants to be worked out in black and white and soon be available for me and for my fellow men! I am guided and inspired to write! Priceless. Many, many thanks, dear team, for this great product ‘DramaQueen’ and the ‘DramaWiki’ and the quick, helpful, dear support! There is no better, nicer and more efficient way to be accompanied in writing; I have tried many other things and I can judge that. Here I stay and become – hopefully – the DramaKing.”

(Joris Conte)

“I’ve been using DramaQueen for a year now and I don’t want to write my stories without it. I’m more than happy with all its features (creating characters, settings, ideas, annotations, etc.) and I’m sure that I haven’t used half of its potential yet.

Not only is the software itself wonderful, but the customer support is just fantastic when you have a problem. They always remain available, helped reliably and solution-oriented where they could and never made me wait long for an answer. Thanks to Evi and Stephan again at this point, such a friendly and conscientious support is not a matter of course!”

(Selina Knoob)

An excellent software for script writing. With my students we use the FREE version, a very complete and stable option to get started in this profession. Here I share the link of a video review:

Un excelente software para la escritura de guiones. Con mis alumnos utilizamos la versión FREE, una opción muy completa y estable para iniciarse en este oficio. Aquí comparto el link de una video review:

(Diego Mina)

“DramaQueen is a classy assistant at frustrating moments during the writing process. It prevents the writer from mutating into a DramaQueen all too often.”

(Christoph Mathieu)

“DramaQueen allows even a beginner, such as myself, to capture and create structured texts, screenplays, novels, or just small ideas without having to read a thick manual, and the software is completely self-explanatory and has become a daily companion.”

(Magdalena Wallensteiner)

“DramaQueen is the first script software to live up to the complexity of story development processes.”

(Andrea Stuermer)

“I’m really impressed with DramaQueen and use this software on a regular base in one way or another; e.g. to polish or analyse scenes and, of course, for scriptwriting, idea development and to try out plots. The use of the software is easily grasped, even for those who don’t use a scriptwriting software regularly. Even just getting started without using the help feature doesn’t produce any crashes or losses. Surely I haven’t discovered and exhausted all the software’s finesses yet, but I’m looking forward to all its remaining hidden treasures.”

(Belinde Ruth Stieve)

“Easy to use software with great features for effective script work.”

(Christine Bergmann)

“Thought-through from A to Z and everything under one roof. On top of that simple, appealing and very clear design which appears to follow your thoughts…. It almost seems as if the toolbars know exactly when I need them and when I don’t.”

(Georg Pelzer)

“I found it very helpful to get an overview over the plot and character development with no need to switch back and forth between Word and other programs. And it’s definitely more fun to work with this software!”

(Pola Beck, director and scriptwriter)

“Drama Wiki accompanies me with every new book, helping to bring clarity to the story and getting to the point.”

(Kim Kestner)

“I am in state of awe seeing your product. WOW. Truly commendable. Fantastically covers the entire process.”


“In the beginning I was sceptical whether we really need another writing-software. But DramaQueen offers even something more than just its sensible and very helpful tools, that I hadn’t taken into account before: it’s fun to work with this software! A big compliment to the great minds behind it! And yes: we do need it.”

(Kristina Faust)

“DramaQueen is a software I fully recommend to every writer and filmmaker – especially at the beginning of the writing process. The structuring is skilfully mastered and precise. The story development’s visualization is clear and dramatically easy-to-grasp, so that it could also be used in cooperation with actors and directors. I have been and am very grateful to have found such a good software and will definitely continue using it.”

(Marcus Josef Weiss)

“DramaQueen with a steep learning curve: after some settling-in time the program revealed itself to be an excellent help for the development and writing of scripts.”

(Stephan Lamprecht / Linuxwelt – 5/2014)

“I liked your software right away because it accompanies the writer through all stages of story development while adjusting to and growing with the process. Surprisingly enough it shows very few ‘teething problems’ and has already been an inspiring working tool.”

(Titus Selge)

“The best I’ve ever found online. Thank you, DramaQueens – you’re the best!“


“I can recommend DramaQueen without any reservations to all professionals and others interested in scriptwriting. It contains all necessary features, is wonderful to handle and therefore makes your work easier. Because of its extensive import- and export-functions there are unlimited exchange possibilities with other colleagues and production companies.”

(Thomas Kronthaler)

“Compact ‚ smart ‚ easy to use :-)”

(Sabine Diedrich)

“A very nice program – clearly structured and advanced in its design. The features are accessible without having to graduate from the study of an instruction manual.”

(Ralf Pappers)

“Everything SUPER. But a search function only for the wiki would be really SUPER;)”


“A useful reference book for hobbyists who are not from the industry and their terminology.”

(Stefan Gugerel)

“DramaWiki is a great source of reference for all writers and those interested to know more about the theory of storytelling.”

(Thomas Kronthaler)

“A work of reference I’ve been waiting for for a long time. Simple, clear, clever.”

(Björn Schuermann)

“Drama Queen helped me write a professional-looking script, indeed the outer form was able to enhance the content here, and the software helps me achieve results that I (and others) like.”

(Martin Riemann)

“Great thing, great working. DramaQueen is perfect for those who like to have the film’s skeleton neatly arranged on their computer so that they can forget about it while writing.”

(Christiane Lilge)

“Innovative and very useful. Keep up the great dynamics and keep going.”

(Jan Buttler)

“Excellent resource, ever growing”

(Thomas Williamson)

“The DramaWiki offers significant help – not just for the use of the software but especially for the writing of scripts.”

(Philippe Marson)

DramaQueen is an incredibly comprehensive and versatile software which does need a bit of time to get to break in but which impresses with dramatic tools and a very sophisticated interface.

(Fabian Oswald)

“There are constantly new or changed terms in the film industry. DramaWiki offers a quick and accessible overview.”

(Udo Peters)

“Kicks Final Draft’s butt!”

(Kieran Turan)

“Very useful software. You should definitely give it a test run and try it for your own work project!”

(Michael Heber)

“DramaQueen leads through the steps necessary to successful storytelling – a unique approach!”

(Roman Kern)

“Out of their own practice, graduates of HFF” Konrad Wolf “Potsdam-Babelsberg developed DramaQueen, an intelligent and professional authoring program that supports the development of materials in all phases, provides assistance in dramaturgy and provides a constant overview of analysis tools.”

(Roland Keller)

“Excellent wiki, I’m looking forward to extensions and more examples.”

(Hans Teterra)

“Finally there’s scriptwriting software supporting the writer all the way from the methodical story development to the final dramatic polishing. Even though there is still room for improvement through further additions and refinements – I’m sure that we’ won’t have to wait long…”

(Jonas Schuba)

“DramaQueen is a software efficiently supporting the writer throughout the whole scriptwriting process. It structures the entire writing process to leave more headspace for creativity.”

(Marc Gruss)

“A good reference guide to many crafting things an author should know about.”

(Kai Hirdt)

“Very intuitive software with a wide range of uses, well suited to a wide range of projects.”

(Jakob Schmidtgen)

“Great script software which earns extra credit points for its various story development and analysis possibilities! The (understandably) skinnier free version, on the other hand, offers hardly any advantages compared to other software.”

(Bent Evers)

“Thank you for your thoroughness, the wiki is really nice…”

(Andre Weinreich)


Just what I needed without having to read pages and pages to get a line’s worth of important information.

Thank you so much for compiling everything so precisely and compact. It’s been a huge help for me in organizing my scripts for execution.

Keep up the awesomeness!”

(Vaqas Iqbal)

“Dramaqueen is self-explanatory and a practical workhorse, resilient, efficient and no-frills, well suited to people who need to write a lot and quickly.”

(Kai Christiansen)

“The answers in DramaWiki are precise and goal-oriented. Very useful!”

(Barbara Büchel)

Intuitive, simple and very helpful texts for the features – I like the DramaWiki links (which I think are very good).”

(Susanne Foidl)

“A great help with and ease of the working process. It’s great fun to work with your software.”

(Elisabeth Ok)

“The DramaWiki is especially useful for beginners not very familiar with writing yet. A very helpful resource.”

(Jörg Lummer)

“Absoluty helpful and of great value for beginners like me.”

(Reinhard Skandera)

“When the DramaWiki is going to include prose specific elements it will become easier for beginning writers to access the software as some content specific aspects of various features will become more accessible.”

(Stefan Rohde)

“Using DramaQueen since 1.6, DramaWiki helps me as a layman to develop a story and recognize my own mistakes. I recently tried the” Hero’s Journey “and DramaWiki has been instrumental in my success.”

(Gerlinde Kenkel)

“A great software with a lot of potential, I’m looking forward to its further development.”

(Alexander Hessenkamp)

“As a professional screenplay translator, I have found that DramaQueen fulfils and exceeds my requirements. My translations have become better and faster as a result of using it.”

(Thomas Williamson)

“Have written a long time with the no longer developed” Trelby “. DQ currently breaks just unbelievable records and even allows the clean import of my Trelby archive. The first deterrent, apparent complexity, quickly dissolves while working in DQ and proves to be extremely helpful.”

(Michael Thomas Bauer)

“Drama Queen is an easy-to-use scripting software that you, as a newbie in the field, can try for free, and I highly recommend it.”

(Mareike Séry)

“Great idea for a story-development software with a German background which I hadn’t seen before. I especially like the parallel view of different categories to support the story-finding process. One doesn’t lose sight of the context and the characters but keeps the general framework in mind which helps to maintain the overall idea and structure.”

(Peter Riese)

“DramaQueen works intuitively and is very well structured. One doesn’t need as many instruction videos as with other script writing software. A visit to the DramaWiki is also always very helpful.”

(Lena Krumkamp)

“Functional and made especially for scriptwriting – you can tell!”

(Jonas Walter)

“Simple and effective”

(Christine Bergmann)

“Wonderful and useful program. Can totally focus on my story. Thanks for that.”

(Pierre Engels)

The DramaWiki is a very helpful software documentation.

(Bent Evers)

“A great work of reference and an instructive collection of information. It’s not hard to get lost reading it. My personal wish for the future is for more stage specific content (spoken word, musical).”

(Kay Zeisberg)

“Great, very well-functioning software. I am fully satisfied.”

(Frank Heinig)

“DramaQueen offers well thought-out functionalities, especially the analysis tools. I find that for short prose texts a simply text document is still better, but for the structuring of bigger projects it is probably very well suited.”

(Stella Smiljkovic)

“DramaQueen offers scriptwriters a very well developed tool that supports the writing process professionally.”

(Thomas Eich)

“I know I have a great story and I also know that as soon as I tell it, people would take it away from me. The theme, genre and zeitgeist just fit too well at the moment. DramaQueen Pro will now help me construct and tell the story myself in such a way that I get a step ahead there and don’t have to look at someone with my mouth open, as I did last time.”

(Mathias Hundt)

“You’ve created a fantastic software with DramaQueen and have closed a gap in the market. I’m thrilled and will continue to use your software.”

(Andrea Kuhnke)

“My writing experience with DramaQueen, so far still at the synopsis level is absolutely positive, therefore I can recommend it 100%.”


“For me this is the best information source on the subject.”

(Ulrich Stuehlen)

“Keep using DQ, and every time I’m excited about the new updates the creators have come up with, and honestly, folks, I find DQ much better than other scripting software, including Final Draft.”

(Gerlinde Kenkel)

“All we need now is a writing-block-therapy and a gamification-approach as well as a blinking reward star for every written scene and chosen plot point – and the script will write itself!”

(Frank Klein)

“A very valuable summary of all essential script development elements. A perfect work of reference for scriptwriters.”

(Reinhard Skandera)

“I was able to get to know and follow DramaQueen during its beta-phase and I’m able to recommend it as a very rich script-development-software. It takes some time to find your way in, but afterwards you’re able to appreciate it as a mere support tool in the background. DramaQueen takes care of formatting as easily as the storytelling tools will help you place plotpoints where they belong. This is how wonderful stories for screenplays can and will be developed.”

(Sara Siebert)

“What a deal! All the features I need and also a great value for money ratio.”

(Wolf-Peter Arand)

“DramaQueen offers everything a scriptwriter may need while always remaining clear and accessible.”

(Philippe Marson)

“DramaWiki is an ideal reference work to quickly refresh one’s memory.”

(Christoph Mathieu)

“As the only originally German software DramaQueen combines all story development steps in one package and helps with its multitude of structuring option to keep an overview over complex story material.”

(Holger Pinnow-Locnikar)

“Clear, simple and practical. The analysis options are probably helpful to those who need it.”

(Thomas Heinemann)

“DramaQueen has helped me tremendously to develop my current feature film, as well as several treatments. I highly recommend it to any filmmaker – beginner or professional alike.”

(Dr. Julia Dordel)

“Despite prior knowledge in this field – very clearly structured and rich in content. DramaWiki is by all means worth a try.”

(Remo Knauf)

“DramaQueen offers a clear structuring of a script – which is essential for any bigger project.”

(Udo Peters)

“The DramaWiki is practically a compact storytelling manual. A great asset for every non-professional.”

(Ernst Bez)

“DramaWiki is a standard reference for dramatic development in film. The content is compact, informative and very competent.”

(Marc Gruss)

“I think the program is awesome, and sooner or later I’m going to get the pro version, so let’s just say, keep it up, that’s just great, what you’ve come up with and implemented.”

(Roland Schade)

“I had already forgotten so much during the years since 1984 and only made from the gut. It’s fun to reactivate old knowledge combined with new. Thanks for that.”


“DramaWiki offers compact and profound basic knowledge one can follow up easily because of its reference list.”

(Thomas Eich)

“DramaQueen is a modern writing software that greatly facilitates the development of characters and storylines. Compared to Papyrus, Scrivener, Citavi and other writing programs, you can start your own writing projects here without much training. DramaQueen was originally developed for scriptwriters, meanwhile the software is also an ideal tool for novelists.”

(Ulla Schmitz)

“Even though I’m already familiar with most of it, I still like to browse it once in a while. Everything in a nutshell but still all essentials are there.”

(Oliver Bottini)

“Great scriptwriting software with a nice overview of cinematic storytelling. Thumbs up!”

(Ali Hakim)

“good, very helpful, well thought-out software, which makes writing a lot easier. highly recommended.”

(Finn-Ole Heinrich)

“If DramaWiki keeps growing and developing as before and may be even integrated in DramaQueen, it creates more highly professional material for the development of stories / scripts.”


“Great site to expand your knowledge.”

(Gabe Newell)

“I find DramaQueen intuitively created, which is why it is also quite useful for temporary users (filmmakers).”

(Angela Zumpe)

“Great programme with little (BETA) weaknesses. The software combines the new with the tried-and-tested. For me it isn’t (yet) an alternative to Adobe Story (integration into the premier-production workflow and Cloud compatibility).”

(Remo Knauf)

“A very nice and compact overview over all dramatic models and characters.”

(Lena Krumkamp)

“Dramaqueen has become an indispensable plotting tool for me, just great.”

(Petra Urban)

“So far DramaQueen remains unbeaten.”

(Jörg Lummer)

“The DramaWiki doesn’t just provide the scriptwriter with a fine selection of professional know-how but prose writers can also explore the well-presented knowledge beyond their own field of expertise. For me as a novelist it has a lot to offer: surprising, convincing, inspiring!”

(Dirk Eickenhorst)

“At first I got myself Celtx but could only use it online. The problem is that I retreat into my mountain cabin to write and have no internet there! So now DramaQueen is assisting me and it’s so much fun to work with such a luxurious tool. The option to stretch the 30 day trial period over actual 30 days – this has been created by people who know that there are writer’s block days. I’m so grateful to the creators, who know what really matters!”


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