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DramaQueen 3.6 – Update-Report

This update contains new features as well as improvements which concern the ‘Revise with AI’ dialog.


  • When a word is selected or right-clicked, with AI integration enabled, the options ‘Synonyms’ and ‘Antonyms’ now appear in the context menu of the Text panel.
  • The offered synonym suggestions are displayed immediately in the appropriate grammatical form (i.e. tense, case, number) so that they can be directly used as synonyms in the text.
  • The offered antonym suggestions are also displayed immediately in negated form, so that they can be used as “transformed synonyms”.
  • To make the most accurate suggestions, the AI takes into account the paragraph in which the marked word is located, as context.
  • The last option ‘More suggestions’ opens a new submenu when you mouse over, in which further suggestions are offered.

IMPROVEMENTS of the AI features

  • In the ‘Revise with AI’ dialog it is now possible to set different actions, add new actions, duplicate the selected action and to delete actions. The options are located behind the action field and can be accessed via icons or via the ‘Switch’ drop-down menu.
  • The prompt templates have been expanded (i.e. ‘Subtext’, ‘Set emotional beats’, ‘Avoid dialog tags’ / ‘Avoid parentheticals’, ‘Lifelike dialogs’) and are now adapted to the respective document type (FILM or NOVEL).
  • When using the AI functions, the latest premium version GPT-4o is now available. Compared to GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4o halves the cost and doubles the speed.


  • When transferring the suggestion from the ‘Enhance with AI’ dialog with change tracking enabled, the changes are now generated based on the original passage, rather than the changes to the (potentially modified) text on the left side of the dialog.
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