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DramaQueen 3.2 – Update-Report

This update contains a new feature, improvements and bug fixes.


  • In the PDF export there are now the new options ‘Page selection’, ‘Pages with changes’ and ‘Specific elements’ including page preview (Dialog appears after the selection of the text level and the PDF name).
  • With the ‘Page selection’ option, you can enter the desired pages – separated by comma, space or hyphen. It is also possible to combine the specification of individual pages and a specific page range (e.g. “2, 4, 6-9”).
  • With the ‘Pages with changes’ option you can select exactly those pages showing recorded text changes (via the option ‘Track text changes’). This for example allows to export only the blue, yellow etc. exchange pages as a PDF and print them out.
  • With the ‘Specific elements’ option you can select individual steps, scenes, episodes, characters, locations, ideas, etc., depending on the context (multiple selection possible). For this purpose, also the page numbers of the selected elements are displayed.
  • It is also possible to select the desired page directly by clicking the corresponding page in the preview.


  • Support for macOS 12 Monterey. The update will be offered automatically at the next program start.
  • New fields have been added to the character and location panels: new categories are – for locations – ‘Feel’ and ‘Position’, and – for characters – ‘Secret’ and ‘Temperament’.
  • The separation between elements (scenes, chapters, …) in the Texts panel can no longer be removed with a simple press of the BACKSPACE or DELETE key at the element start or end. Instead, some text has to be selected, for example the line-break between the elements. When the numbering or display of scene headings was disabled, it was previously too easy to merge scenes by accident.
  • The FDX-import now supports the improved ScriptNotes of Final Draft 12 with name of writer and time stamp.
  • The spacing between paragraphs has been decreased in the EPUB export, and consecutive paragraphs have indented first lines.
  • Elements can no longer be deleted by accident in the Overview or one of the Side-panels, if one wants to delete text via BACKSPACE or DELETE key, but the keyboard focus is not actually in the text.
  • Deleting text when the selection is scrolled out of view is prevented. Instead, the selection will be scrolled into view in response to pressing BACKSPACE or DEL.


  • Locked numbers were not preserved in auto-save files.
  • Fixes a possible crash after keyboard command for the footnotes.
  • macOS Monterey: Fixes the crash when trying to open a new main window.
  • Minimal pointer movements after clicking in the Texts panel no longer cause unwanted text selection. This could lead for example to select the paragraph break when the goal was to simply place the caret at the end of a paragraph.
  • Script notes with line breaks no longer contain question marks on Windows after saving and re-opening the document.
  • Scenes that have a location which is the prefix of another location now get their location correctly assigned. For example “School” and “Schoolbus”.
  • For text ranges set in bold and or italic, DramaQueen did not store other text style attributes correctly, such as ALL_CAPS.
  • In certain situations, deleting a range of text could lead to a crash, if the range already contained a recorded text deletion.
  • Fixes a rare crash after the Texts panel has been resized.
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