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DramaQueen 2.8 – Update-Report

This update brings new features, improvements and fixes bugs:


  • The main texts now have support for footnotes:
    • Footnotes can be created via the toolbar of the Text panel, the main menu ‘Add’, the context menu or the shortcut [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F].
    • The footnotes contents are inserted and edited in the footnote editor. They appear at the end of each page.
    • The numbering can be consecutive or per page and the starting number can be freely chosen (option ‘Footnote numbering’).
    • In the Layout settings, the appearance of footnotes can be adjusted freely (page ‘Text’ -> drop-down ‘Text element’ -> ‘Footnote’).
    • The search field allows to enter search terms. Only those footnotes will then be shown which contain the search terms (all other footnotes are hidden).
    • The import of footnotes is supported from RTF and DOCX files, for exporting, DOCX and PDF are supported. The printing of footnotes is also supported.


  • Furthermore DramaQueen now detects if a file has been changed externally (e.g. via an installed Google Drive or DropBox service) and warns accordingly when saving – before unknowingly overwriting these changes. The warning dialog offers to open the modified file as a separate document. From there, you can integrate the changes between the two versions of the document. Changes can be identified and navigated easily when they have been recorded with ‘Track text changes’.
    (Be aware that there is a time delay – depending on the internet connection and file size – when saving a document on one computer until it is synchronized to another computer via a cloud storage service. When two users save a document at the same time, there is no way for DramaQueen to detect the conflict.)
  • In the Storytelling panel there is more space for expressing the theme, logline and premise.


  • Due to a change in configuration at our email provider, crash logs and feedbacks directly from within DramaQueen did not reach us anymore.
  • The icons for lists and indentation were accidentally not shown anymore in text areas for descriptions and the annotation panel.
  • Manual page breaks directly between scenes or chapters were not correctly exported or printed.
  • Changing the spell-checking language of the document did not result in an immediate reaction anymore.
  • New chapters or scenes did not get a tab in the text area of the ‘parent text-level’.
  • In the standard layout template the second page of text is given the page number ‘2’ again. On a related note, the page numbering does not change when the title page is shown or hidden.
  • Pasting text into an empty scene heading did not change the style of the first paragraph to ‘primary heading’ as is necessary.
  • Deactivated drop-downs were sometimes not drawn as disabled.
  • The applications settings of the Mac-version closed unexpectedly after using a drop-down widget in that window.
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