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DramaQueen 2.6 – Update-Report

This update contains new features, improvements and fixes bugs:


    For every annotation, idea, character, location, and storyline there is a new area References & research which can be found in the lower part of the corresponding panels.

    References can be created to:

    • Files (text, image, sound, video…) or even entire folders, which are located on the same computer
    • Web addresses
    • Scenes / chapters, steps, ideas, characters, locations and storylines – within the same document as well as in other dq-documents
  • The object that a reference is pointing to can be opened by double-clicking or pressing the space bar.
  • The collected references can be displayed as list or grid view (with thumbnail previews or icons), and the size of the thumbnails can be adjusted.
  • The references can be sorted manually (by Drag & Drop), alphabetically or by date (“Newest first” / “Oldest first”).
  • There is a separate search field in the toolbar of the references-area, which filters the search hits dynamically.


    The main menu ‘View’ allows to configure the visibility of some basic operations in the toolbar: The Show icons in toolbar sub-menu contains options that can be checked to place them in the toolbar as icons. The Save-button is visible by default.


  • Fixes a crash caused by a resource leak, which could happen for some users after about an hour of typing, when there was not enough room in the left page margin to show the “Label of the active element”.
  • Fixes a bug where the mapping of turning-points to their description was shifted in the Storytelling-panel since the introduction of the two pinch-point turning-points.
  • Fixes a crash when exporting Novel documents, where the placement of the numbering was configured as “Inline with the text”.
  • Fixed a rare crash when pressing ENTER in the Texts panel while the toolbar is not showing the paragraph style drop-down.
  • Fixes a few smaller memory leaks that may accumulate over time.
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