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DramaQueen 2.3 – Update-Report

This update contains new features and fixes bugs:


  • Revision mode / tracking text changes
    The main menu Edit as well as the gear-menu of the Texts panel now contain a submenu Track text changes. This allows to activate the recording of all text changes.
    Each text change is associated with a certain ‘revision’. New revisions can simply be started via the submenu Revision. Insertions and deletions in the text as well as new text notes are automatically recorded with their author and time stamp.
    When hovering a change in the text with the mouse, a change window pops up. It allows to inspect the deleted text, accept or reject the change (also via shortcuts), and navigate between the changes.
    Everything regarding tracking changes is controlled via the changes bar which shows along the bottom of the Texts panel. It contains buttons for navigation, for accepting and rejecting changes and for pausing and re-activating the change recording. When multiple changes are selected they can be accepted or rejected at once (also via the context menu). Selected text may also be manually marked or unmarked as changed.
    The change bar also contains its own gear-menu with additional options: The entry Configure change display leads to many flexible options for highlighting changes. For example it allows to view only changes from particular authors, or to mark changes in addition or alternatively in the page margin.
    The option ‘Remove time stamps’ allows to remove time stamps in selected changes or in all currently visible changes.
  • The Final Draft import/export supports recorded changes and transfers revisions. Final Draft does not however store deleted text, but only marks the text location of the deletion. Authors and time stamps are not recorded either.
  • The RTF import supports recorded text changes.


  • The Final Draft import and export correctly map the options “Revision mode” (recording and showing changes) and “Revisions shown” (only the active revision or all).
  • The Final Draft import will now support files where some text elements have shortcuts that are not numbers. Custom text elements will be preserved including their layout.
  • The character statistics as well as the character report did not correctly count appearances without dialogue in some documents.
  • Character names which contained certain symbols that are important in so called “regular expressions” could not be replaced correctly.
  • The PDF export now supports using “Courier Final Draft” as font.
  • When clicking the link leading to the Download BETA page in the start panel, DramaQueen will now quit itself. On Windows DramaQueen cannot be installed while it is running. This could easily happen in this situation and would lead to an incomplete and corrupt installation. The installer had to be run again to fix it.

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