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Data Protection Supplementary Agreement for the use of AI integration based on the OpenAI API

DramaQueen offers an optional AI integration based on OpenAI technology. The use of this integration requires your express consent to data processing.

1. Important information about the conditions of use of the OpenAI APIin DramaQueen:

In order to ensure safe and legally compliant use of the AI extension in DramaQueen, it is important to us to inform you in a compact, transparent and understandable manner about the conditions for using the OpenAI API in DramaQueen:

Technical and legal basis of use:

  • Role of DramaQueen Software: The DramaQueen Software serves as an interface to access the AI extension and enables users to use OpenAI’s AI services. DramaQueen GmbH does not come into contact with the data transmitted to OpenAI, so we neither store nor process it.
  • GDPR Compliance: As a company offering its services in the European Union, OpenAI is also required to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Agreement to the Business Terms of Use of OpenAI: DramaQueen customers who wish to use DramaQueen’s AI integration must log in to the OpenAI’s Business Terms Of Use when creating your API account. The central points are (as of January 1, 2024):
    • Rights to customer data: As a user, you can make inputs into the AI functions in DramaQueen (“Input”) and receive outputs (“Output”) based on this. Input and output together are referred to as “customer data”. As a user, you retain all ownership rights in the input and own the output. OpenAI assigns all right, title and interest in the output, if any, to you.
    • OpenAI’s Obligations Regarding Customer Data: OpenAI processes customer data generated through the AI integration with DramaQueen solely to provide the Service, comply with applicable laws and enforce OpenAI policies . Your customer data will expressly not be used to develop or improve OpenAI’s services.
    • User Obligations Regarding Customer DataAs a user, you are responsible not to transmit any sensitive or proprietary information without appropriate authorization or consent ( e.g. copyrighted works of third parties, sensitive personal information, protected health information, data of minors, confidential or secret information, illegal content). You are responsible for all inputs and use of the output and for evaluating the accuracy and appropriateness of the output for your use case, including using human review as appropriate.
    • Similarity of output: Due to the nature of AI services and the principles of artificial intelligence in general, the output may not be unique and other users of AI services may receive similar content. Responses requested and generated by other users are not considered your output. The assignment of the output does not extend to the output of other users or to content delivered as part of a third-party offering.

    2. Consent to the use of AI integration in DramaQueen and to thisAdditional Agreement to DramaQueen’s Privacy Policy:

    Consent is required for the following conditions:

    • Data processing by OpenAI: The data (text or other content) that you enter to use the AI functions in DramaQueen will be transmitted to OpenAI and processed by OpenAI.
    • Voluntary use: The use of the AI functions in DramaQueen is completely optional and not required for developing and writing texts in DramaQueen. You can continue to use the basic functionality of DramaQueen even if you decide not to use the AI integration.
    • Privacy and Security: DramaQueen and OpenAI take measures to ensure the security and privacy of your data. However, you acknowledge that submitting data to OpenAI involves certain risks.
    • Revocation of consent: You can revoke your consent to the use of AI integration at any time by unchecking the “I agree to the supplementary privacy agreement” box in the DramaQueen software. Once revoked, you will no longer be able to use the AI-based features in DramaQueen.

    Users of the AI integration agree to the terms of this additional privacy agreement.

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