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DramaQueen 2.2.5 – Update-Report

This update brings many new tag icons, contains improvements, and fixes bugs:


  • The Outline-panel offers now three separate columns for
    . The “dramatic functions” have moved into their
    own column and there are many more icons to chose
    from. The existing composite column has five new icons to give an
    element a rating (thumbs up to down). Newly added is another
    column for character emotions
  • When hovering Outline elements with the mouse cursor, there is now
    a tool-tip for most columns. This helps in case of uncertainty or when
    there is a longer list of characters or locations


  • Drag&drop of text now supports copying when the Ctrl- resp. Cmd-
    key is held down.
  • Natural sorting of numbers in names when sorting alphabetically
    (“Idea 10” not between “Idea 1” and “Idea 2”).
  • The Final Draft export saves the “Start each scene on a new page”
  • DramaQueen no longer shows links to missing documents where the
    project folder has been deleted or moved. Links to documents on
    removed media (i.e. USB sticks) are still shown as before.


  • Using TAB at the end of paragraphs in the script inserts a new
    paragraph again with the style that usually follows.
  • The “Save as” file dialog no longer conflicts with the fullscreen
    mode. On macOS it causes the fullscreen mode to be left, though.
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