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Here is your personal Christmas Calendar for the coming days! The DramaQueen-calendar doesn’t end at the 24th already, that’s when things start to get interesting. :)

Because starting right now, the DramaQueen double release pack isn’t the only thing to cheer you up, but a 25% Christmas discount until January 6th, too!


Our big Calendar door: The 25% Christmas discount!


DramaQueen PLUS, PRO and STUDENT PRO are available for 25% less until January 6th 2018. And you can start right now, since your order is “delivered” within minutes. It is guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas! :)

Just insert this coupon code via copy & paste when placing your order:


This is how you apply your voucher:

  • Please, choose your preferred DramaQueen version.
  • Tick the box ‘I have a discount coupon’ and copy your code (dq25@christmas17) into the appropriate box. Now just press ENTER.
  • The 25% discount will be immediately deducted from the product price.


Our small Calender doors: The DramaQueen double release pack




In version 2.3 we’ve put the focus on tracking revisions and collaborating, in version 2.4 on story development and storytelling.

We will introduce these strong new features in a few days in our upcoming newsletter.

When you open DramaQueen, the update will be offered to you automatically.

To allow all DramaQueen users to check out the new features, we opened up an extra 5 days trial period!


Some DramaQueen PLUS advantages

  • Creating different text types for movies (synopsis, treatment, script) and prose text (synopsis, concept, novel) – one text type per document
  • Outlining using various structure models and turning-points
  • DramaQueen storytelling guidance
  • Annotations panel as linked scrolling text
  • Smart import & export into widely used file formats (incl. Final Draft format)
  • Text changes tracking


Some DramaQueen PRO advantages

  • All the features of DramaQueen PLUS
  • Work on three text levels in parallel per document
  • Develop and write individual storylines, assign automatically
  • DramaQueen storytelling guidance for each storyline
  • Analysis graphic with individual dramatic charts
  • Outlining using multiple levels


You study, teach or go to school


DramaQueen PRO STUDENT is the full PRO version, limited to 18 months of use.

Optionally upgrade to DramaQueen PRO after that for a special price.



We wish you inspiring Christmas days and much time for writing!

Your DramaQueen team – Dive into the world of your story!

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