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We, the mothers and fathers of DramaQueen, are writers, dramatic advisers, filmmakers and software-developers from Berlin and Brandenburg. We’ve created DramaQueen based on our own needs and desires. In doing so we’ve thought and talked a lot about the essence of dramaturgy and experimented a lot to unite creative freedom and craft within the work process. There are still quite a few ideas left that didn’t find their way into the software yet. But this only means that DramaQueen is ever evolving and maturing – just like any good story.

Our goal is to fashion an inspirational tool and creative working environment where writers and others realizing dramatic material may put the stories dear to their heart down on paper and onto film screens. DramaQueen wants to help ease the often challenging path from the synopsis to a full script, to ask the writer the right questions and to mirror back the dramatic structure of a story.

DramaQueen GmbH is a spin-off of the University of Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany, and an independent and privately owned company. It is being actively supported by a big start-up-business network in Berlin-Brandenburg.

We’d like to thank all our friends, colleagues and supporters for their great contribution to the DramaQueen project!

The DramaQueen-Team:

Evi Goldbrunner and Joachim Dollhopf are the DramaQueen initiators and creators as well as the DramaWiki authors. They are usually the first users and critics of their software applying their very own story material. And then they take care of everything else accumulating with the start-up of a company – some call this activity executive management. Stephan Aßmus is the main software developer and therefore the architect and brain behind the DramaQueen code who pours his IT-heart into the design of the DQ-interface. An animation filmmaker himself he’s a big part of the DQ concept development and bridges the gap between film and IT, i.e. translating tirelessly between the cinematic and programming language. Ingo Weinhold has been Stephan’s congenial friend and partner on many different projects. Among other things he’s the creator of the DramaQueen text-module. Jesta Phoenix is our English voice. She translated the Storytelling Guidance as well as the DramaWiki into English and is the bodiless voice in our how-to-videos. She also connects us to the world on Facebook and Twitter and teaches our English presentations and workshops. Fabian Ehls is our Jack-of-all-trades software developer. He created DramaQueen’s smart-import and export as well as our online shop.


Software concept: Evi, Joachim, Stephan, Ingo
Software programming: Stephan, Ingo
GUI design: Stephan
DramaWiki, Storytelling content: Evi, Joachim
Website: Fabian, Joachim, Evi
Social Media: Jesta
Workshops: Evi, Jesta
Translation: Jesta
Animation video: Juliane Block, voice-over: Jesta
Walkthrough video, How-to videos: Joachim, Evi, voice-over: Jesta
Marketing, Corporate design: Joachim, Evi
Juridical consulting: Maximilian von Grafenstein, Daniel Nagel

f.l.t.t.r.b.: Stephan, Evi, Joachim, Jesta, Fabian, Ingo

What we’ve done so far:

Evi, Joachim and Stephan started to draw up and develop the DramaQueen concept in November 2010. They are graduates of the “HFF Konrad Wolf” film-school in Potsdam in scriptwriting/dramaturgy, film directing, and animation.

Evi and Joachim work(ed) as dialogue writers as well as dramaturgs for various production companies and the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern. Their student films have been shown at 200 festivals in 50 countries worldwide, among others at the Berlinale and in Cannes.
Their work as directors and writers has received over 20 awards, among them the ‘Cinema for Peace Talent Award’ (2007), the ‘Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Filmpreis’ (2008) and the most prestigious young talent award of Germany’s film industry, the ‘First Steps Award’ (2009).

Stephan worked as an illustrator in advertisement, as a graphics designer and as software developer. During his study of animation at the HFF Babelsberg, he created the animation software „eXposer“ and the graphics software „WonderBrush“ for the realization of his diploma film. Later he specialized in computer-programming focusing on application development and interface-design in the field of multi-media and graphics. He also significantly contributed to the Open Source project „Haiku“.

Jesta works as a freelance writer for theatre and film as well as a business coach. She graduated with a BA in Writing and a MA in TV Scriptwriting. She has taught Creative Writing at the Open University and has worked as a script consultant and writing coach for many years. She has further trained and worked as a Creative Problem Solving consultant combining creativity and business management.

Ingo and Fabian are trained computer scientists and passionate film and series-fans.

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