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Upgrade to DramaQueen 2

The upgrade to DramaQueen 2 is the first paid upgrade for all users with a 1.x license.

If you already own a 2.x license (PLUS or PRO)?
– This upgrade as well as all 2.x versions remain free of charge!

If you are happy with the previous feature set?
– There is no need to upgrade to 2.x, since your 1.x license is not time limited! In case you already installed DramaQueen 2 and want to go back to the old version, simply download the old installter from the matching link at the bottom of our download page. After you installed the old version, you can activate it using your license code.

Download+test DQ2


The price for the license upgrade from DramaQueen 1.x to DramaQueen 2.x is:

$48,00*: for DramaQueen PLUS Upgrade to PLUS 2 (requires PLUS1 license)
$88,00*: for DramaQueen PRO Upgrade to PRO 2 (requires PRO1 license)

A cross-upgrade – meaning a license as well as version upgrade directly from DramaQueen PLUS 1 to PRO 2 is possible, too, for the regular upgrade price of $198.00*:  Instant purchase Hire purchase



What’s included?

The license upgrade includes 9 major releases which will be released in regular intervals — from version 2.1.0 up to and including 2.9.x.

Each release will offer a plethora of new features and improvements — just like how we did in the 1.0 to 2.0 releases. This will be those features that our users request the most, including:*

The Top 10 most wanted features of our users:


  • the new features of DramaQueen 2.1 including reports, dialogue book & sorting options
  • a revision mode to track changes and to compare different documents
  • insertion of images
  • the extension for theatre texts
  • the possibility to plunge freely into writing, without forced decision for a type of text
  • type writer mode
  • the import of ideas, characters, locations, and storylines (for writing episodes)
  • selection of multiple elements in the Outline panel
  • the linking of locations to all text levels (as with characters)
  • a floating inspector window for the context menu features of the Outline panel, which remains open until closed explicitely

and much more!

Download+test DQ2

Subject to unpredictible developments we reserve the right to exchange single features.

* For the respective prices in other currencies please go to our shop by clicking the order button.

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